Friday, July 27, 2007

Greenwood Playground - Upcoming Kid Events

Sing-A-Long with Gina
Thursday, August 2nd, 11am
Gina Samardge will be performing in the toddler area of the Greenwood Playground. Come give Gina a big welcome to our side of the expressway!!

Prospect Park Zoo Programming comes back to Greenwood Playground!
Saturday, August 4th, 2pm
Owl Pellet Dissection for ages 7-12. Be an archaeologist and detective by digging through Owl pellets with zoo programmer Audrey Lucas. Reassemble bones with her to investigate and determine the owl's last supper. Look for the Zoo banner for location.

More Prospect Park Zoo Programming
Tuesday, August 21st (Time to be announced)
Animal Wheel of Fortune! Come test your animal knowledge and win zoo prizes with zoo educator Audrey Lucas.

End of Summer Concert
Sunday, August 26th, 11am
Come join local musician Joanne Riehl for her end of summer concert in the park.