Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boo to Brennan

The Daily News did a piece on the F express today, F train not on track for going express. The title is a bit misleading b/c the MTA has made no announcement about the petition or the continued coverage for an F express. Essentially it was a small bit on how local official Jim Brennan thinks they need to do some studies on the feasibility of an F express due to the following:

There have been many issues with severe noises and vibrations adjacent to the F train tunnels," said Assemblyman James Brennan (D-Park Slope).

Prospect Park and Park Slope are the highest points in Brooklyn and trains gather extra momentum going downhill, causing further damage, he said.

"The F express could be a significant option for the public, but needs to be implemented with careful testing," Brennan said, noting some F train tunnels were not built deep enough and many homeowners' basements are right on top of them.

What's the deal Brennan? Why the public wait and see? We're trying to think of other trains that run down from the high points with an express and oh yeah, it's called the Q! (except its on the other side of the park!) Are any one's houses getting vibrated from the Q running quickly down hill? Whatever, dumb article dumb reasoning.... The F train is running at 100% capacity and has the ability to run express from Church Ave to Jay with very little cash input from the MTA.