Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Fun for Kids

The summer can be a treacherous time for parents, trying to find numerous activities to keep the little ones entertained. It’s long, it’s hot and it seems ever-so-expensive all the time as well. So what is going on in the Kensington, Brooklyn neighborhood that is good for kids?  What are the best hangout places offering airconditioning and a cup of coffee for parents to ease the summer vacation pain?  Here we take a brief look at some options.

Metro Parents offers a Daily Events listing of great things to do with kids that are cheap or completely free.  You can join events like the free info session on the upcoming African Diaspora’s summer camp in July.  For those wanting to send their kids there, between July 9 to 20th, your children will be traveling through the wonders of Africa and its cultures, through movement, song and crafts.  The Hakuna Matata: Kings, Lions and Other African Wonders is a fantastic opportunity for kids aged between 3 and 7.

Later on in the summer is the Singing Frogs and Talking Fish: Diving Through the Caribbean Sea.  Between July 23 to August 3, kids will enjoy frolicking through the Caribbean Sea through music, movement, drum-making and so much more!

Tomorrow you can check out the weekly Drop-In Art, Poems and Stories for kids aged 6 to 9 at Park Slope.  The participants get to read a book and then make a craft out of it.  Fun for all, no need for advanced booking and $15 fee.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Pop-up Pool

The Pop-up Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park is set to become a more  permanent feature of the area.  Since 2012 it has gained such popularity in the summer months that locals will be able to enjoy it for two more seasons in its current location.  While there are plans for demolishing the site after this summer session for the Pier 2 uplands, a permanent pool is to be brought to the neighborhood at Squibb Park (that is attached to the waterfront via the Squibb Park Bridge).

Thanks to the huge efforts of locals via the Love Our Pool campaign, this has been – and will continue to be – a community endeavor.  The BBPC will hold meetings with the community to get their advice on what they think would make the pool great. Once information has been gathered, a designer will be chosen and the pool will thereafter be built.  It’s a process but it will be worth it when it reaches its culmination. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Kensington Mixed-Use Structure Permits

A three-story mixed-use structure located in Kensington’s 1121 36th Street has received permits.  A mere eight blocks from the Church Avenue subway station, the applications were approved from the Mina Group LLC to build the 39-feet tall structure.  It will provide six apartments, each spanning approximately 1,086 square feet.

The structure should be completed by January 2019 through Asher Hershkowitz Architect PLLC.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Columbia Street Waterfront District

A new exhibition is arriving at Columbia Street Waterfront District from a local.  Elliot Arkin – an artist hailing from Brooklyn – just returned to his roots to feature “The Spanish Gardener.” This 10-foot sculpture of Pablo Picasso mowing the lawn. The exhibition was opened on June 1st and will continue until July 15th.

Arkin does not just do art though.  He is actually a real estate salesperson at Brooklyn Heights Real Estate on Montague Street. Of this position he explained:

“I’ve been in Brooklyn since 1983, when I graduated from Amherst College. Originally, I lived above the Queen restaurant [on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn]. Now, I own a little building at Hicks and Union streets, the one that has La Petite Crevette on the ground floor.”

For other artistic appreciations, a non-local – Erwin Wurm – is putting out his Hot Dog Bus for the summer.  Free hot dogs will be available in Brooklyn Bridge Park between June 9th and August 26th in an effort to get people to view “the human body as a piece of art, specifically as a sculpture.  The venture is in conjunction with the Public Art Fund.