Monday, February 5, 2018

Shower Bus for Homeless Underway in Brooklyn

Last week, Brooklyn President Eric Adams announced a new project aimed at restoring dignity and respect to local homeless people. His administration, Brooklyn Community Services, or BCS, is joining forces with Turning Point Brooklyn to build a mobile dual-shower bus for the homeless. 

The project will cost $385,000, $308,000 of which will be funded by Adams’ capital budget for Fiscal Year 2018, and another $77,000 will be donated by the City Council. The converted bus will take a year to complete, and will join Turning Point Brooklyn’s “We Care About You” campaign which provides showers, clean towels, shampoo and soap, shaving kits, socks and underwear, laundry services and other amenities in Sunset Park. 

The shower bus will aim to help those in other locations. 

“We are going to target those locations where homeless are located. We’re going to go to food pantries, hospitals, different locations where we find homeless going to try to find some type of basic shelter,” Adam explained. “You cannot get a job if you can’t walk into a space to deal with your basic hygiene needs. You can’t sit in a classroom, you can’t get on the train, a bus, if you can’t deal with your basic hygiene needs.

“This bus is going to become a symbol where our homeless men and woman will be able to identify a safe space not only to clean themselves, but to also start the process of holding on to their dignity,” he added.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lower Priced Whole Foods Opening in Brooklyn

For those of you looking for a whole food location that doesn't break the bank, it may be just around the corner. Whole Foods has been opening a slew of budget stores called 365 and one of them is coming to Brooklyn! On January 31 it will open just down the street from the Atlantic Terminal. This location will have 30,000 square feet at the bottom of the Ashland Place high-rise.

They plan to have the first location that isn't on the West Coast of Next Level Burger, a plant based burger location. They also have said they will have a Juice Press and Orwashers bakery. Yum. They plan to have over 100 types of beer, 30 artisan cheeses, lower priced meat and produce and a lot more. It's definitely worth a stop to see how it goes.