Sunday, November 17, 2019

New York Festival for Motherless Brooklyn

At the recent 2019 New York Film Festival premiere of Motherless Brooklyn, Ed Norton spoke to Emerson Unger about the movie.  It tells the story of lonely private detective Lionel Essrog (whom Norton plays) and his life with Tourette Syndrome and how he tries to solve the murder of his mentor and one friend, Frank Minna (played by Bruce Willis).

Friday, November 1, 2019

Kensington: One of NY’s “Best Kept Secrets?”

Why do people choose to live in Kensington, Brooklyn?  According to, the area is Brooklyn’s “best kept secret [providing] a balanced setting fit for all, nestled in New York City’s most beloved borough.”  Here we take a look at some of the reasons why this might be true.

First, in recent news it was found that at 264 Webster Avenue (just off of Ocean Parkway), an apartment complex has been described as one of the “hottest” buildings in New York. A report from Property Shark found it to have been one of 2019’s top 15 best selling buildings between January and June.  In sales it came in at number 8, securing the sale of 37 deals in six months at a $614,000 median unit price.  the building has recently added some attractive amenities including a gym, spa for pets and rooftop terrace with outdoor showers.

With a population of just under 58,000, Kings County Kensington features many eateries, green space and an above average education system.   A couple of years ago local resident Mimi O’Connor decided to buy in Kensington too. Of her search to find a place to live she explained:

“We ended up in Kensington, just south of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace, in a compact three-bedroom attached house with a porch and a small concrete-paved space in back. I had passed through, but did not know the area well. Now that I’m here, there are many reasons why I love my new home base, but that’s different from why I chose to live here in the first place.”

Her reasons became: the schools in District 15; the house prices (a listing of $497 from Streeteasy per square foot – less than half of Gowanus and Park Slope); the many public transportation options in particular, the subway; an ability to own some outdoor space; and ultimately the fact that they loved Brooklyn for its familiarity, architecture and that all the basics are on their doorstep.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Local Business Events

The MREA Business Planning Clinic is taking place in just a few days’ time (October 21st at Leonard’s Palazzo on Northern Boulevard).  This event (from 9am to 1pm) is free for anyone interested in starting their own real estate company or want to develop an existing one.

Team Leader Michael Brown is the host. Click here for more information.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Bringing Muslim Culture to Brooklyn

Muslim artist Brooklyner Nsenga Knight has found that historically, Brooklyn has lacked any real Muslim culture. Some years ago – equipped with her research grant – she went to the Brooklyn Historical Society looking for available information on Muslims in Brooklyn. She found hardly anything. The East Flatbush-raised Knight explained:

“They’re missing a lot of stuff. There were hardly any images of Muslims in their archives. They didn’t have that many images of black people. The archive of Brooklyn isn’t necessarily representing Brooklyn.”

Thankfully since then there have been some major developments in the expression of Muslim information and culture in Brooklyn.   Much of this can be attributed to the work the Brooklyn Historical Society’s oral historians did. They went around the area and conducted interviews with dozens of Muslims in an effort to “fill the gaping cultural hole in [the museum’s] archives.”

This resulted in the assemblage of 54 oral histories, totaling 100+ hours of audio – all which was published for the public. Along with immigrants from Pakistan, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago (among other places), many of the interviewees were born and raised in Brooklyn and hail from various religious sects such as the Nation of Islam, Shiite and Sunni.  They have now substantially filled the gap

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

IFP Week 2019

Two days ago saw the beginning of the 41st annual IFP Festival. The Independent Filmmaker Project seeks to “foster the development, production and promotion of hundreds of feature and documentary films a year.”  It is the “largest and longest running not-for-profit dedicated to independent film,” and is dedicated to the indie filmmaker.

Taking place in Brooklyn, some of the events that are taking place until 19th September include:

1.       Screening: The Report (CIA agents’ interrogation following 9/11 attacks)
2.       New Voices! Reading Series Sponsored by Sagindie
3.       Screening: Knock Down the House (four women taking on the establishment)
4.       Screening: American Factory

This week long event has been lauded as being the “premiere place to meet bold talent and learn about exciting projects through curated meetings with 150 new feature, documentary, series and VR projects from over 22 countries.”

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Citizens For A Better Community

2019 Children’s Entertainment. The Artistic Talents Show with Producer Melvin Isaac, blessings from: Rev Doctor Brenda Lyken, Father Gopaul and many others.  Featuring the following vendors: FDNY, East Flatbush Villages Inc., Brooklyn Voter Alliance (Census 2020), Candice Reid of the Dept. of Health, Sharon Pence of Healthy Homes Program, Astascend Latoya Jones of the East Flatbush Community Partnership Program Public School Charter among many others.

There were also many generous donors for this event and elected officials in attendance.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

“You’re Hungry Again?” Kids and Summer!

how many times have your kids just sensed you were nearby and said “mommy I’m hungry” during the seemingly endless summer vacation?  Thankfully, Brooklyn Public Library has that covered.  Well, at least some of it. Children and teenagers can get a free lunch meal Monday through Friday.  So that’s a start!

Other free stuff to do locally is happening at The Plaza, primarily on Mondays.  Located at 300 Ashland, on the first Monday of each month you can join a high intensity interval training workout.  The Chelsea Piers BK Burn  is a core-tightening workout utilizing strength exercises and cardio.  On the second Monday of each month, try out the Bollywood star dance.  BollyX is a great way to unleash the star in you! On the third Mondays there is a great way to sweat and have fun with the Beyonc√© Dance Workshop. So if you want to get moving and in shape this summer, The Plaza is the place to do it.

For other fun stuff that don’t include strutting your stuff take your families to Albee Square for movie showings. And next Sunday go have fun at the BK Block Party.

You don’t have to spend a fortune in the summer.  You just have to plan well.