Saturday, August 21, 2021

Great Summer Reading


After your kids have splashed around in a pool, gone on hikes and finished with camps they may just want to chill at home with a great book.  Check out Kensington Library’s Grab & Go Kit program.  Every Monday throughout the summer the library has been distributing books to those who want.  All you need to do is come by on Tuesday and get one of the Grab & Go Projects.

The projects include STEM activities, craft activities for all ages and more.

For those who would rather not go into an actual library but like the idea of reading programs there is something else incredibly cool. It’s called an outside “whispering library.” Launched by the Brooklyn Public Library, this purely audio experience is being initiated at 10 branches throughout the borough.  Outside the library there will be hidden speakers which will play poetry, music, tell history stories, excerpts from podcasts, literature and more, up to five times a day.  Vice President of Arts and Culture, László Jakab Orsós explained the reasoning behind this:

"A library is more than just a building, it is the repository of our accumulated knowledge and memory. Imagine walking by one of our branches before the building opens for service and you hear a poem or a segment of a historical speech—we hope that a whispering library will make you smile and inspire you."

As Mason said last year, “Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.”