Monday, May 4, 2015

Crown Heights Butcher Seeking Assembly Seat

Menachem Raitport, resident of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is making his third bid for a seat in the New York State Assembly as a representative from the 43rd Assembly District. Raitport ran as a Republican and Conservative, despite Brooklyn’s reputation as an overwhelmingly liberal

Democratic region. Therefore it is not a surprise that his first two attempts for office ended badly. In 2010 he received a bit over 7 percent of the vote for the 43rd Assembly District, and about 6 percent in the race for the 20th Senate District last autumn.

This race, however, could end quite differently for Raitport. Due to a filing error in April, the three Democratic challengers who are competing for the seat left open by Karim Camara this spring will have to run on third party lines.

Raitport waxes hopeful due to this glitch, admitting that, “In a way, it gives me a better chance.”
The Brooklyn butcher feels strongly about many issues, including bike lanes, taxes, subsidized housing and what it means to be a Republican. Here is an example of just one of his views:
“People have a misconception. They say ‘Oh, you’re a Republican, you’re conservative, that means you’re going to cut food stamps, you’re going to cut subsidized housing, you’re going to cut this.’ That’s wrong. America has to help those who cannot help themselves. That’s what this country was built on, that’s what makes it great. The thing I don’t like is fraud and I don’t like people cheating and I don’t like people taking advantage. I believe very strongly in helping the downtrodden.”
The polls open at 6am on Tuesday, May 5. They will close at 9pm. Voters can only vote at their designated polling site.