Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kensington Library SDC Project

Update on Kensington Library re-model profiled here a week ago. There was a comment that this project would not be moving forward but we got this news from a neighbor who followed up w the Brooklyn Public Library. Good news!

The New Kensington Branch Library building project is still in process and continuing forward. We are currently in the final phases of the design process, and the architect will soon be starting on construction drawings.
Currently, we are scheduled to begin construction in 2008, and the building should be completed in 2010. The new building will be a LEED certified, green building.

Doug Klostermann
Project Manager
Capital Planning and Facilities Management

Kensington Post Office - Complaint Update!

From the comments section re Kensington Post Office:

Hello fellow 11218ers,
Well, someone actually called me back from the complaint I sent to the USPS website. According to my new friend Gloria, if you are standing on line forever or otherwise outraged, you should call 1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ASK-USPS) and complain. You can also call the Complaint Dept, where Gloria works (but please don't ask for her by name, because that would get old fast) at 718-348-3900. Program these numbers into your cell phone and CALL. Call from the line, call when your mail is late or package isn't delivered. Call immediately and keep calling. Volume and timeliness are the keys here. In addition, document every complaint on the USPS website.

Interestingly, the people who work at the Complaint Dept have cameras where they can see the individual Post Offices, so Gloria actually said to me, "I'm looking at 11218 right now, and there's no line. This would be a good time to go." I found that hilarious. But also, if you call from the Post Office they can see what's going on and call the manager and send him out on to the floor. So basically -- if you are there, ask for the manager, and if he won't come out or doesn't help, call that number and tell them what's happening. If you get a slip saying they tried to deliver your package but you know they didn't, call that day and complain.Gloria was extremely nice and friendly. I have no idea if anything positive will come from this, but it couldn't hurt!

Okay now we know what to do! Follow SPs advice and program the numbers into your cell and call w complaints often!

Thursday Kid Event at Kensington Library

Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang presents "Kid's Music for All" Thursday at Kensington Library

"The critically acclaimed debut children’s CD, “GWENDOLYN AND THE GOODTIME GANG” won Los Angeles based songwriter Gwendolyn Sanford a never-widening base of young fans (and their parents). It’s been reported even her sophomore holiday release “‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE ROCKIN’”enjoys year-round play! Now Gwendolyn and her band take it up a notch with “GET UP & DANCE!” an album that’s sure to rock your socks off and get your feet moving!"

November 1, 2007
3:45 PM
410 Ditmas Ave. between East 4th & East 5th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11218


We had planned to post some pics of the very spooky looking Halloween decorated houses around but since last week have been unable to find the battery charger for the camera! (Have you noticed the absence of photos... us too!). Anyway, if you have a cool looking Halloween image to share please send so we can upload.

Sort of related we'll be out w some of our building mates handing out candy this evening at 6pm. Hopefully we can find the camera and post some of the more noteable costumes! We already know the cutie putie down the block is gonna be Spider Man!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let USPS know about 11218 PO!

Since post office service seems to be less then stellar these days we got a good tip off the KWT yahoo group to email a complaint through the US Postal Service website. Here's the important info. from the post:
I went ahead and went right over the local Postmaster's head and sent an e-mail via the USPS website asking someone to send me the Postmaster Generals number, and someone named "PamB." wrote back and basically said No. Apparently, Mr. John E. Potter has no phone or e-mail (shall we write him a letter? Alas, it wouldn't get there, since we have to mail it from our awful Post Office). So I wrote back to Pam, and I said:

"I live in Kensington, zip code 11218. Our local post office is perhaps the worst in New York City. It is so poorly managed, and the employees so apathetic and rude, that I have frequently felt unsafe there for fear that frustrated customers would erupt in violence (in fact, there is a rather infamous video on YouTube of a customer at the Kensington Post Office completely losing control in a rage). The average wait time for any transaction is 40 minutes. Packages are not delivered, mail is frequently lost, generally one window is open for service while many workers mill about, chatting with each other. It is a horrible place, and a disgrace to the USPS. The Kensington blog and Yahoo group are frequently a buzz with complaints. What can be done to improve conditions at this Post Office?"

We followed suit and sent the above through the USPS website ( Be sure to click 'Services' then sub category 'Lobby Services'. Maybe enough of us complaining on the site can do something!

Special Delivery?

From the Inbox:
I live near East 7th and Church and got an interesting surprise in the mail today. I'd already checked the mail, so I was surprised when I went outside and saw a brown paper bag stuffed in my mailbox. At first I was pissed that someone had decided to use my mailbox as a wastebasket, but when I pulled out the bag I realized that it was filled with about 40 of the NYC Condoms that are distributed for free throughout the city. Also included was a business card for Nigel Harris at MovinWeight Entertainment ( So maybe it's an odd question, but was I the only one given the gift of contraception today, or did anyone else come home to a bag of lubed condoms stuffed in with their credit card statement.

Cynthia King Fall Classes!

Cynthia King on Prospect Avenue, right here in Kensington/WindsorTerrace has lots of new classes being offered this fall.
Sundays at 10am
Next session starts Sunday, November 4th
6 weeks - $95

"Tap Technique and Classic Tap Dances"
Wednesdays at 7pm with Heather Barinaga
(Nov. 7th, 14th, 28th, Dec. 5th,12th,19th)
6 weeks- $95

"Toddler Dance" (ages 2.5 - 3)
Tuesdays at 11am with Jenny Hopkins!
Next session starts Tuesday, November 27th
10 weeks - $175

"CKDS Social Dance Workshop" for teens and adults.
How to dance at a....... club, party, wedding, etc. Learn to respond to various dance music styles and learn the steps to popular group dances.
Saturday November 4th at 4pm. FREE

"Absolute Beginner Ballet Class" for teens and adults taught by Cynthia King
Sunday, December 2nd, 12 noon. FREE
*to RSVP to any of the FREE classes contact the studio at 718 437 0101

Back by Popular Demand Cynthia King Dance Company and select dancers will perform at PS 154 Winter Festival Saturday December 1st at 2pm

Grandparents Week
Monday, December 17 - Saturday, December 22,2007
All Grandparents are invited to watch classes.

Reminder: Parents Meeting -Sunday, November 4th at 1pm

Monday, October 29, 2007

Foodtown Reno - Starts Today!

In case you haven't been by lately the guys at Foodtown have stepped up their game including organic cereal, tea, baby food as well as a wider assortment of veg products and breads. We popped in on Sunday and noticed a sign that explained the deli would be closed for renovations starting 10/29. We are excited to see this reno complete and will keep an eye on the changes as they occur. In the meantime, we hope you take a look inside at some of the new products and support our local grocery store.

Shaare Torah

Shaare Torah Jewish Center on the corner of East 5th and Church Ave is experiencing a bit of a resurgence with the influx of many new familys and a new Rabbi. We attend the ANA meetings in the meeting space and always find it a comfy and warm place. Recently, we got the following:
There is a new rabbi at the Flatbush Jewish Center located on East 5th Street & Church Avenue, Rabbi Shlomo Segal. I have spoken to him about having a group class/meet up/gathering on a weekly basis (for an hour or so) to discuss various topic of basic Jewish law or whatever other discussions might come up. For example, my wife & I would like to know how to make a home Kosher according to rabbinical law so this might be what the first topic. Rabbi Segal is in his early 30's, from Brooklyn and lives right here in Kensington with his lovely wife and adorable baby girl. He is bringing new life to the Jewish Center and this is a great opportunity for you to meet him, if you haven't already done so. If you are interested in participating, please email me ( lordofbk AT yahoo DOT com) so we can work out the details.

Community Garden - Interesting Approach

The Ditmas Park Blog highlights some locals taking over a privately owned space to be used as a community garden on Albemarle and Marlborough (Community Garden Organizing) . We thought it was interesting b/c this side of Ocean Pkwy is in desperate need of another community garden and we have a bunch of lots that could use some sprucing up. Here are the three we know about - Church Ave near Chester, Caton b/w E7th & E8th and the lot on the corner of McDonald and Ft. Hamilton. If you have the initiative and a green thumb reaching out to the owner may actually evolve into something... The space on Church Ave specifically has sat like a collecting spot for garbage and misc metal parts for as long as we've been here. We don't know how you could do it and imagine it would take some work but if you've got a little time on your hands who knows! We also know of a couple urban planners in our mist who might be able to help you get the names of the property owners. We also think the guys at deBlasio's office know the lot owners which may be the quickest and easiest way to get the info.

Forecast Music

A New York City based new music group, comprised of composers, performers, and a resident conductor is based out of Kensington. Check them out here, at Forecast Music.
We just missed a recent gig that was out in Williamsburg, sorry folks!

deBlasio Announces Bid for Borough Pres

Dear Friends,
I want to share with you some exciting news. Today I'm making it official: I'm running to be Brooklyn's next Borough President.
More than ever, Brooklyn is a city unto itself. Our diverse neighborhoods have become magnets for new families and new business from around the world. Brooklyn's unique arts and cultural scene is flourishing and achieving global acclaim.
At the same time Brooklyn is booming, too many of our communities are becoming unaffordable for working families. Shoddy fly-by-night construction is ruining the fabric of our neighborhoods. Traffic and overcrowded schools are encroaching on our quality of life.
I am running for Borough President because I believe I have the experience and vision to strengthen and protect Brooklyn neighborhoods in a time of unprecedented growth and change.

So, will you vote for him?

Commercial Properties For Rent

We've joined forces w a bunch of local neighbors to address our need for more diverse businesses on our two commercial strips. We will be doing more of a detailed post on this later but at the moment are trying to gather some viable established business contacts to reach out to that neighbors think would flourish here. What do you think we need and would profit here... a daycare, a coffee shop, kids play space, restaurant etc.? Do you know anyone that has a business like this and would want to expand to Kensington? If so we'd like to contact them and let them know about our available commercial spaces. We've got a lot of open spaces and already know of 5 spots that are for rent:
1. New locations on Fort Hamilton (3 spaces - not yet completed)
2. Old beauty salon across from PS 230 ($2000/ month 1000 sq feet. Owner's contact - 718 633 0898)
3. Jimmy's Deli (Fort Hamilton and E4th St)
4. Old Savoy (currently student housing on McDonald) has a lot of square footage in basement to rent as well as a theatre room.
5. Another spot off Fort Hamilton - we got an email but haven't gotten to check it out
6. Old optical store on Church Ave.

Give us a shout at gmail or post in the comments!

Sufjan @ BAM

Stevens, the 32-year-old, Kensington-based indie pop star with seven albums and a slew of guest appearances and collaborations to his credit, found great inspiration in the 11.6-mile stretch of road. He was so moved by the pavement that he penned a half-hour-long music-and-video composition entitled “The BQE” that will have its world premiere with a three-night run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Nov. 1.
11.6 miles of bad road (Brooklyn Paper)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Horrendous Accident on Albemarle

Did anyone else see the horrendous accident that went down on Albemarle today near E2nd St. around 4:30? We suspect a car driving west on Albemarle slammed into a car driving north on E2nd. The car on Albemarle must of been going at a pretty good speed b/c when we drove by seconds after it happened both cars were flipped. We hope everyone is ok but also hope people get some sense and stop speeding down side blocks w so little visibility. Kudos to fire and cops for getting to the scene within 5 minutes of the accident. If anyone has the skinny please post.

WT Library Events

Not that the events at WT library need any publicizing! (Check out this post from a local Mom on her recent visit for story time! Midnight Cowgirls: It's a MILF eat MILF world)

The Library will host a Halloween Party Oct. 31 at 3:30 pm. Treats for all. Storytelling! Costume Contest! Musical Storytelling!

Thursday, Nov. 8--Conroy Warren musical performance--3:30 p.m.(for ages 6 and up)
Enjoy the power and pleasure of West Indian and American music through song and dance in this interactive workshop with versatile entertainer Conroy Warren.
Story Times: Session #2: November 13-December 12
Toddler Time (18 months-3 yrs) Tuesdays @ 9:30-10 am, 10:15-10:45 am & 4-4:30 pm*
Pre-School Time (3-5 yrs) Wednesdays @ 9:30 am-10:00 am
Babies & Books (birth-18 months) Once a month on the last Friday of the month: November 30, December 14 @ 10:00 am

From the Friends of WT:
There is no pre-registration required for any of the story times. We will be admitting children on a first come first serve basis. Please visit the children's Reference Desk for a ticket!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Caton Ave Row House For Sale

Its not to often you can get a house in Brooklyn w charm and class for under a million. Even if this is on busy Caton Ave w a yard and parking for a little off the ask this could make someone a happy home. 301 Caton Ave @ E 3rd St
Open House: Oct 28th SUN 1-3

Kensington Library Events

We just got an update on the events at Kensington Library. Since the readings at WT are getting a little packed try the walk down to Ditmas Ave.

Monday, October 29, 2007
Preschool Storytime 1:00 PM
Scary Movies for Teens 3:30 PM

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
ESOL Conversation Group 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Babies & Books 11:00 AM
Halloween Fun 3:45 PM

Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend F train service

Manhattan-bound F trains skip Fort Hamilton Parkway, 15th Street-Prospect Park and Fourth Avenue.

20 Weeks 'til Spring Planting

Mayor Bloomberg's tree initiative has its own site w links like "get a tree on my block" and "know a good place for a tree?". (million trees nyc) Please request trees for Church Ave and McDonald Ave or your own block! We are supposedly on the Dept. of Forestry's list for spring planting but want them to know how much we need the green!

FYI: In order to have your street tree request considered for the spring planting season (March-May), your request must be received no later than December 1st.

Daffodil Project - Bulbs in Brooklyn

Saturday Oct 27, 9am-Noon
Prospect Park Green Market at Grand Army Plaza

A few people in the neighborhood ordered bulbs and we are willing to help gather some troops! Please post in the comments on when and where you will be doing planting.

Wide Right Tonight at Magnetic Field

Friday, October 26, 2007
Magnetic Fields
97 Atlantic Avenue (between Hicks and Henry)
8:00 pm Wide Right

Local David Rick plays w his band mates tonight at Magnetic Fields. Go and check them out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

MTA Handout from ANA Meeting

If you'd like a look at it email us at

ANA Meeting Tonight!

Any go? We're stuck at work. Please comment on happenings!

ANA Meeting Thursday!
Thursday, October 25th at 6.30 pm
Shaare Torah Jewish Center
327 East 5th St. (corner of Church Ave)
Speakers include:
Monica Frydman - NY Student Housing on McDonald AveAndrew Inglesby - MTA representative re: completion of elevators on McDonald AveMartine Kimmey - Astoria Federal re: Improvements
Refreshments provided by Foodtown

Local Schools

Here are the URLs for the quality reports for some local schools:
P.S. 230:

P.S. 130:

P.S. 179:

M.S. 62 (Ditmas):

A Kensington Stranger

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live. Someday someone will come out of nowhere to save your life. They may be a friend, relative, or a total stranger. They will just appear to be there for you for that split second, and then they will just disappear into the crowd, because the divide between life and death is just that, a split second. And you, well you may not even give it a second thought. The conversation you were just having on your cellphone was more important to you than the arm that just grabbed you from behind to prevent you from walking right into the path of the B35 bus. A little startled at first about what had just happened, you continue on with your day without even looking back to say thank you.

For me it was a hand that grabbed my foot when I was about two years old. I guess the view of East 4th street from our roof looked inviting. It was the hand of a young mother (my mom) that pulled me back inside our apartment just moments before I would become another dot on a NYC chart. For my cousin Pete, another son of Kensington and East 4th, it was the voice of a stranger screaming at him to run faster just before a piece of an airliner killed the person directly behind him on a sunny day in September 2001. It may have also been the“Brooklyn” in my cousins blood too that saved his life. When the loud speakers blared the instructions that “everything is OK and there is no need to evacuate at the present time”. My attorney cousin just said “bullshit” and left only to meet up with falling jet parts on the street below. Buy hey, he was back to work the next day up in Westchester, you got to love that Empire Blue Cross.They probably helped him forget 9/11 by making him work on 9/12.

But years before back in 1982 there was another person, someone I will never know who just appeared out of nowhere to change someone’s life. Just there for an instant to make a difference and then return to the crowd without ever knowing their name. I really didn’t think much about it that day back in 1982. It was unusual to see the Manhattan bound F express running at 5:30 in the afternoon. But as soon as I stepped out of the first car of the southbound F, I noticed a bunch of EMS guys, Cops and Fireman on the local track. Now, I’m not much for gore and just a couple of years before I saw an elderly woman get killed by a “Kings” concrete truck right before my eyes on East 2nd street in front of Carvel. And the thought of a train running someone over wasn’t exactly something I’d like to take to bed that night. So I just walked up the stairs and then down Beverly towards my house.

By the time I got to my block I noticed a Police car parked right in front of my house. And on the porch there were two Cops talking to my mom. By the look on her face something really bad had just happened.“Grandma had an accident on the subway” said my mom.“Is she ok?” I said. “They don’t know, they just took her to Methodist Hospital”. I looked at the two Cops and said, “what kind of accident?” “She fell onto the tracks on the Northbound side” one of them said.1..........2.........3.........“that was my grandmother, that was my grandmother”! I yelled!

Well before you knew it I was in my 73 Buick and driving up the hill to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope. It was probably the first time I was there since I was born. I got there before any one in my family did and my grandma wasn’t a pretty sight. There she was still on the stretcher waiting to get into the ER. Her clothes were all bloody and the gash on the side of her head was so big you could probably put a candy bar in it. But even in her condition the doctors assured us all that she was going to be just fine, but should keep away from subway platforms for a while. And what about that stranger that came out of nowhere you ask? Well, we never got to thank the man that saved mygrandmothers life. The police told us that he didn’twant to give his his name or address. As soon as he saw her fall on to the tracks, he noticed theheadlights of an oncoming train entering the tunnel up by avenue C. He ran upstairs to tell the token clerk about what had just happened. They somehow stopped the train just before it entered the station, just a fewfeet from where my grandmother was sprawled across the rail. He stayed with her for a while until the Police came, and then got on the F express once it started running. Just like that without ever knowing his name, this guy saved my grandmothers life and then got on the train and left, simply amazing. My 80 year old grandmother healed up and got better,she gave us another fifteen years of her stories about growing up in Cuba, and was able to see her great grandchildren born before she died in 1996. All because of someone I will never know. And all I can say is “thank you” who ever you are.

Sneaker Drama!

From a new contributor:
How did a nice Italian boy from Park Slope wind up on Church Ave.? Marco Nucci, co-owner of the new Sneaker Drama store on Church between E. 4th and E. 5th had his heart set on moving onto Cortelyou Rd., right in the spot where the new Connecticut Muffin opened . At the last minute his deal fell through. He was driving back and forth, bringing his dad some decent food in the hospital, and trying to avoid the dreadful traffic on Ocean Parkway. He decided to take a shortcut down MacDonald and across Church. He saw lots of street traffic and lots of kids. He saw a vacant optical shop. He negotiated with the landlord and got his store with a ten year lease.
Sneaker Drama opened on Sept. 1. It is a beautiful, boutique style hip hop sneaker and clothing store. Marco and his partner Alvin Cruz sell sneakers from $50 to $150, t-shirts from $20 to $130, and jeans from $50 to $140. They sell a full line of Nikes, from running to walking to “looking cool”shoes. Kids are talking, and kids are coming. Marco has made it clear that he will “take care of neighborhood kids” to enable them to buy his product, even going so far as to put things on “layaway” for them. He will special order things that kids want if they don’t see it in the store. The kids are thrilled, and their parents are happy to keep them close to home, rather than sending them off to Fulton Mall or Flatbush Ave. Nike reps have visited, and are impressed with the style and attitude of the store.
Marco would love to see a nice bar/restaurant, coffee shop, health food store, and wine merchant move into the nabe. He is so determined to see this happen that he might actually open a restaurant himself. He is an energetic young entrepreneur who wants to serve the needs of the people in the neighborhood. He plans to hire a neighborhood teen to start working in the store in the near future, and he wants him or her to bring their friends.
Let’s spread the word about Sneaker Drama and wish Marco and Alvin the best of luck in their Church Ave. location.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

F Train Rider Report Card

The MTA is concentrating on the F this week w its rider report card. In case you haven't gotten to fill one out at the station don't miss the chance to tell the MTA what you think!
F Train Rider Report Card (MTA)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For Rent - Commercial Space on Ft. Ham

Jimmy's Deli on the corner of Ft. Hamilton and E4th is up for rent. As is typical we hear the monthly rent is high and they also want a turn key fee. If someone could get in touch w the owner and by pass the realtor we sort of figure it could be negotiated. (Seems to us lots of the realtors in these parts listing commercial spaces are way out of range). Regardless, the space is large and on a nice corner near the library, park, community garden, subway stop and 3 schools (IHM, 130 and 230) which would seem to mean there would be lots of day traffic.

Metro - F Express

Metro did a piece on the F express. Gary at Brooklyn Streets who led the charge on the F express did a good post on it as did Ben at 2nd Ave sagas. The lot of us joined together on this mini-movement over the summer w the F express petition. Anyway, not much new news except that the MTA has finally opened up about at least realizing the F is a problem and will be studied....

F express going nowhere fast (metro)
Metro's Michael Rundle on the F Express (Brooklyn Streets)
F Express Plan on the tracks to nowhere (2nd Avenue Sagas)

Greenwood Playground - Donated Toys

If you don't have kids you may not know that the Friends of Greenwood Playground does a lot of events and fundraising to provide programming and supplies for the Playground. One of the big accomplishments was getting ride on toys and tricycles for community use to be kept at the Playground. We've heard some snippets here and there about people leaving the playground w the toys or older kids breaking them and most recently about parents letting kids know their turn is up! This gentle reminder of playground etiquette was posted on KWT...

As the season comes to an end we'd like to thank everyone who donated toys, materials, money and time to the Greenwood Playground this summer.
Unfortunately the spirit in which the toys were donated is not always the spirit by which they are used. It has come to our attention that older kids are riding and sometimes breaking these toys. Additionally some parents have been bullying kids, caregivers, and other parents when they feel it is their kid's turn. Just as we share the swings, we share the toys.
While a child may appear to be taking a long turn with the toy, please remember that these are kids. Do not yell at or touch another child. Do not be rude or talk down to a caregiver or parent. Use the moment as a teachable moment. Teach your child to be patient.
We are always open to additional donations. Please contact us on this listserv if you have a ride-on toy or other playground appropriate toy you'd like to donate.

We are sure this was just one or two rotten apples and applaud the Friends of Greenwood group for their hard work and contribution to the community!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Newest Retail Addition on Fort Hamilton - Estelle

The old Doris Beauty Salon on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. between E. 2nd and E. 3rd is experiencing a major face lift. Longtime resident and artist Agnes Maddox is transforming the storefront in record time, creating an elegant, classical space with a modern touch. Agnes’ store will be called “Estelle". Agnes will carry artisan made goods (knick knacks and jewelry as well as art). The store will also function as a gallery highlighting local artists from around New York City. Estelle is set to open right before Thanksgiving.

ANA Meeting Thursday!

Thursday, October 25th at 6.30 pm
Shaare Torah Jewish Center
327 East 5th St. (corner of Church Ave)

Speakers include:
Monica Frydman - NY Student Housing on McDonald Ave
Andrew Inglesby - MTA representative re: completion of elevators on McDonald Ave
Martine Kimmey - Astoria Federal re: Improvements

Refreshments provided by Foodtown

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kensington T-Shirt Redux

So we did this t-shirt post in July and got some major interest. There has actually been a call to get some Kensington t-shirts made and sell them locally. Here where the top five from when we ran the post.
FRONT: Kensington (Brooklyn)
BACK: 1. The parents here are only just beginning to get annoying.
2. Peace in the Middle East ='s 11218
3. Where S.T.D. means booze
4. Just blocks from the Ocean... Parkway
Or all on the front
5. Kensington (Brooklyn), where there's a Mosque on Church (Avenue)
Let us know which one you like or if there are additions. Keep in mind we'd like this to be kid friendly (does that rule out #3?). Most importantly, if anyone out there is into design and wants to donate their talents please send us a graphic of how you'd put it together (we'd like to incorporate a photo or illustration if that'd work).

What's coming on Ft. Hamilton?

The old Doris salon on Fort Hamilton b/w 3rd and 4th Streets (2 doors down from Thai Tonys) is getting some updates. We know what's coming but are waiting on approval for an official announcement. We think its a great addition for the neighborhood! More to come!

SDC - Kensington Library Update!

We tend to spend a lot of time at the WT branch since its closer to us. The Kensington branch has lots of good stuff happening too but unfortunately we're not in the loop so don't post as much on that branch. Regardless, a local just forwarded us some very exciting news on the updating of the Kensington branch! The sustainable design collaborative is giving the branch an update!

Here's the info from the SDC:
The New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) design goal for the Kensington Branch is that it be a "state-of-the-art" facility that maximizes thermal and visual comfort, convenience, and the well-being of staff and library goers while functioning in part as an environmental educational center. As such its construction materials and mechanical systems should promote good air quality indoors and outdoors through reduced or eliminated emissions. DDC also requested that environmentally preferable materials be selected that have recycled content and are themselves recyclable.
William Bobenhausen, FAIA, directed all environmental design aspects of the project. Services began even prior to the selection of a project architect with the establishment of energy and environmental performance goals for the project. Energy performance goals include: Energy consumption (measured in BTUs per square foot per year) a minimum of 30% lower than for a building designed to conventional current practice.
Annual operating cost to be a minimum of 40% lower than for a building designed to conventional current practice.
The major theme of the building is to utilize natural light. A reduction of lighting energy use by 50% is projected through a combination of switching, circuiting and automatic controls.
Sen Architects is the designer with A.G. Consulting Engineering serving as the project engineer. A standing column type geothermal heat pump system will satisfy the relatively small heating and cooling loads of the building.
Engineering assistance was provided by Steven Winter Associates through NYSERDA's FlexTech Program.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Missing Dog

A small grey poodle named Sabrina has been missing since Friday night from her home on E7th near Ocean Pkwy. See full post w picture here. If you’ve seen Sabrina, or think you may have, please call Denise and Youri at 347-244-3520. You can also e-mail them at: or

Library Event TODAY!

The big day is here! Saturday, October 20, features the GIANT Toy Sale AND Children’s Concert for the Windsor Terrace Library.

What to know what’s for sale? Here’s a peek:
Thomas the Tank Train Table, Fisher Price children’s kitchen, Toddler Table and Chairs, Mega Blocks! Games! Puzzles!, Stuffed Animals! Dolls!, Planes! Trains! Automobiles! Spaceships (even a toy version of the Millennium Falcon!), Books, a few videos and DVDs
Toy Sale —11am to 2 pm

Children’s Concert Featuring Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band!
11 to 12 noon

Windsor Terrace Library
Corner of East 5th St. and Fort Hamilton Parkway
F train to the Ft. Hamilton station

Proceeds benefit the Friends Group of the Windsor Terrace Library, which in turn purchases books and other items on behalf of the branch. The Friends Group consists of volunteers who work to improve the branch.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Local Artist w Open Studio

Local Artist Scott Teplin (his blog can also be found at has is having an open studio event this weekend in conjunction w the building he works in. Scott did the work above for the event. Go check him out!
Open Studios 2007
Opening Event: Saturday & Sunday, October 20-21, 2-6 PM
EFA Studio Center 323 West 39th Street, NYC 10018 (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

Weekend Events

Saturday,Oct 20th at 7pm
Cynthia King Dance Studio presents 'Let there be Light' a performance by Cynthia King Dance Co., Faculty, and Special Guests. Suggested donation $20 at the door. Proceeds will benefit Flatbush Tompkins Concert Hall renovations, specifically the improvement and purchase of lighting for the stage. This is a volunteer project of Cynthia King Dance Studio.
(On a side note we heard of some local parents going to the Slope to put their kids in dance classes which really disappointed and surprised us. We have only ever heard positive things about Cynthia's studio and know she has donated to all local events in many many ways. We hope parents will at least give this local studio a try before heading up the hill!)

Saturday, Oct 20th, 11-2
Friends Group Toy Sale and Alex & the Kaleidoscope Band Concert
Windsor Terrace Library (Fort Hamilton & E5th)

Locals Play CMJ

Local resident, David Wingo, and his band Ola Podrida (check link in blog roll) will be playing Union Hall this Friday night as part of the NYC CMJ festival. We'll be there so come out to say hi.

Ola Podrida 9pm
702 Union Street @ 5th Ave

Need Space in Kensington for "Mommy & Me"

I am working on finding a location in Kensington/ Windsor Terrace in which to offer "Mommy and Me" style music classes. My sister lives in the neighborhood, and based on the conversation on the KWT Neighbors Yahoo group, there is a need for these classes in the area. I have tried the Synagogue on E5th and Church St and they have a great room, but it is only available on Mondays. That will be great to start with, but I am looking for something that is more flexible. I tried the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on Fort Hamilton Parkway and they have no space to offer. Ideally, I need an enclosed room (carpeted would be great, but not a necessity) that I could rent by the hour for my classes. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ideas for Cold Days

Cynthia King Dance Studio - Music Together Classes (schedule here)


Caton Place Condos

These things are going up quicker then a dress gets taken off on prom night (we're a little punchy tonight give us a break!). Seriously folks we've walked by at 5pm well after contractor hours are over and they are still there. This picture in fact was taken after 5pm last week and you can see the outline of workers on the top floor near the crane.

Toddler Story Time Hot Ticket in KWT!

At the toddler story time on Tuesdays, there is usually a crowd. The librarian hands out tickets before the event. If you don't get a ticket, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to take part, but you can usually snag a place in the back after all the ticket holders go inside. However, over the course of this season's session, the crowd has grown and grown. (I'm sure it's because Miss Cindy is so darn entertaining.) Last week the tickets ran out twenty minutes before the start time, and unhappy nannies and moms were complaining, sneaking into line, and generally causing a ruckus. Today, thinking ahead, my son and I got there a half hour before the doors opened. (That in itself is crazy. I haven't had to get somewhere a half hour ahead of time since I last went to the movies in Manhattan.) We got a ticket. We were lucky, because at the door to the classroom, the librarian had recruited a police officer--in uniform and everything--to take the tickets. When the tickets ran out, no one else got in. I'm not sure if the sergeant was hired specifically for story time, but he was definitely policing the affair. I found it hilarious that a simple thing like library toddler hour could require crowd control.
(Thanks for the update S!)

It's obvious from the popularity of the WT library's story time that this neighborhood could use a few more child-friendly gathering places. We've heard from many parents in the neighborhood about the concern of lack of activities nearby as the days get colder. We need something here for the growing contingent of yuppies and hipsters (we're being honest although we know these terms can elicit a tisk or two! But seriously what other term unifies us?). Regardless, any suggestions for cold day activities besides the library or a nieghbor's apt/ house?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Forgotten NY Profiles Kensington

Forgotten NY profiles Kesington and kindly refers to our stretch of the woods as Brooklyn's Heartland.

Your webmaster must also admit that, prior to the 1980s or so, I never knew the area had a distinct name. I had always thought of it as an eastern extension of Borough Park or a northwestern arm of Flatbush. After a close look, though, Kensington has comparatively little in common with its neighbor to the west in demographics or in street layout; Borough Park, especially the area that borders Kensington, is mostly Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish, while Kensington, which certainly has a Jewish flavor, is incredibly polyglot with over fifty different foreign languages spoken. Perhaps it's that very diversity that prevented me from getting a fix on it.

Forgotten NY - Kensington

New Corner Store Open for Business!

We noticed he new corner store on Albemarle and McDonald is open for business. We saw that they carried a variety of Boar's brand lunch meats and had some soap kettles. Anyone got the goods on what else they carry? Congratulations on the new store. We certainly liked the new windows and the fact that you can actually see in the food preparation area.

New Retail for Ft. Hamilton?

In other retail news the new construction on Ft. Hamilton and E3rd is getting close to completion. The facade for the retail spaces is getting its finishing touches and we're just wondering what's coming... Anyone out there have rent and space size info? How about a landlord phone number? Or even who's dealing the condos. Give us the info!

Police Helicopter on Sunday?

Thanks for the reminder Jesse... Anyone know what was up?

I'm just wondering if anybody knows what the deal was with all the police presence in the neighborhood on Sunday night (10/14). I came home around 10pm and saw a helicopter flying in circles between OP and CIA, shining a spotlight into the streets, seemingly looking for something or someone. They were at it for quite a while. There were a bunch of police/emergency vehicles blocking the street on E 8 north of Cortelyou Rd.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Steve McNally and the Dirty Word

Steve McNally was the oldest of the East 4th Street boys I called my friends when I was about 7 years old. He was thin and lanky with jet-black hair parted tothe side, a little button nose, freckles and surprisingly thick Coke-bottle glasses. Steve always looked rather innocent,— a "Dennis the Menace" striped shirt suited him quite well,— but we learned at a very early age not to let the glasses and shirt fool you. For Stevie was our unofficial leader. Being two years older than the rest of us and knowing a bevy of cursewords certainly gave him the upper hand in our world of box ball and tricycles. If you never heard a curseword from your parents, you were sure to learn it from Stevie first.

One day found me playing in the dirt beneath the shrubs in front of my house on East 4th Street. The block was alive with children like it always was when I was 7 years old. Tricycles running down my driveway, metal roller skates clanking on the sidewalk, girls jumping rope. This was Brooklyn in the 60's, and our parents were nowhere to be found. "Hey Ronnie, come to the back of the driveway, I have a really good dirty word" Stevie said smiling. Stevie told the rest of the boys too; my brother Joseph, my cousin Pete and his own little brother Paul followed Stevie up the driveway to the garage. I left my little green army men in the mist of their battle and ran to the back of the house where everyone had gathered."OK, you guys got to promise that you didn't hear thisword from me." We all looked at Stevie and shook our heads in agreement.

The anticipation of a new "dirty word", there was nothing better. I tried to imagine what a dirty word looked like, grease and dirt all over it oozing with disgust. "OK, ready", said Stevie. We gathered in a small half circle around Stevie , looking at his mouth, waiting, waiting, waiting. Very slowly his two top teeth fell gently over his bottomlip. "F_ _ k" came out of Stevies mouth. He looked at all of us grinning. I looked at Stevie and said "what does it mean." Stevie and the guys looked at me and laughed. My brother Joey looked at me and shook his head in disgust. Being almost two years younger than my brother, I always felt pretty stupid about things I didn't know yet. "Ronnie, it means when a man and woman do it" said Stevie. "Do what, I said." My brother Joey and my cousin Pete looked at me and laughed. Feeling I had to leave before they startedmaking fun of me even more, I turned around and started heading back to my army men in the dirt.

The walk from the garage to the front of the house is about 75 feet. Because the houses are only 15 feet apart, the driveway is usually draped in the shadows of the massive behemeths we call our homes. But past the darkness of the driveway is always the light of the sun. As I walked from the shadows into the sun I started to feel better again. I looked under the shrubs, and my little army men were still there, a full-scale battle still raging amongst candy wrappers and red ants. The new word Stevie taught me couldn't leave my head. I kept repeating it over and over to myself. There was soon a shadow over me and my battlefield. I slowly looked up, it was my Mom."Ronnie, I need to speak to you." As I was led away holding my mothers hand, I turned around and looked atthe guys. Joey, Pete, Stevie and Paul all put their index fingers over their lips and mouthed "Shhhhh." I just looked at them and said "F _ _ k".

By Ron Lopez

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Words Project Sunday event

Local Sam from the Words Project will be playing at Rose in Brooklyn this Sunday, 10/14, at 9 PM. They will be doing a bunch of song settings of works by people such as Czeslaw Milosz, Paul Auster, Marina Tsvetaeva. Featured vocalists will be Becca Stevens and Wendy Gilles, along with Nate Radley (guitar), Eivind Opsvik (bass), and Tommy Crane (drums). At 7 PM clarinetist Michael Winograd's klezmer outfit will be playing.
Sunday 10/14 9PM
Rose Live Music
345 Grand Street (between Havemeyer & Marcy), Brooklyn
$5 donation

Friday, October 12, 2007

From the inbox

Just wanted to let you know my husband has been trying to call the 66 for the last 15 minutes to make a noise complaint and there is no answer! Seriously, no answer! We checked and re-checked the number thinking we were wrong but its correct. We didn't want to call 911 because its not an emergency but this is ridiculous. In case you're wondering we were calling b/c the Mexican restaurant on the corner of E5th and Church Ave has decided 11pm until now, 11.40pm, was the appropriate time to power wash the store w an insanely loud generator.


Less Than $300K

$240000 FSBO
1 bedroom, Beverly Road at 3rd & 4th Street
Open House Sunday 2-4pm

We're a fan of this little stretch and are always curious if FSBO's work. Unfortunately, no pictures listed on the craigslist ad to share or maintenance charge. There is also a 1 bed at 280 Ocean Pkwy having an open house this Sunday but the list is a little over $300k

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Local World Famous Pontani at Supper Club

One of our own Kensingtonian's, World Famous Pontani sister, Angie is in a new burlesque show at the Supper Club and ready to give away tickets to a neighbor. The set of tickets are for next Friday so give her a shout at if you're interested. Show seems to be running for awhile so even if you can't go next week make sure to check it out.

Still Waiting....

Oh where or where is the Hamilton Dog House? We heard over the summer this new addition to Ft. Hamilton would be opening in October but when we stopped by Weds. the Tutti Frutti sign was still up... Anyone have info on whether Sean Casey Animal Rescue still plans on opening here in Kensington?

New Condos coming to CIA?

We noticed a new construction site complete w bulldozer and work permits a few blocks south of Church Ave. on Coney Island Ave. This is the third site on CIA being primed for condos. First we got the Park Circle which still has a few units for sale (listed by Corcoran) and currently the finishing touches are taking shape down near Cortelyou at 651 CIA. Will CIA be the new Ocean Pkwy?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Auspicious Day

10/10 must be a pretty auspicious day. We noticed 4 weddings being photographed in the Park today!

Local Author Focus

Its sort of funny how things happen at times ... Over the summer while browsing the new fiction at the WT Library we noticed "Petropolis". After reading the Gary Shteyngart blurb on the back cover thought we'd give it a try.

WE LOVED THE BOOK! In fact, we liked it so much we recommended it to all our friends and because the book was about a young Russian girl who makes her way to Brooklyn and takes the F train and even lives on Ocean Pkwy thought we'd recommend it on the blog. (Plus we borrowed it the WT Library). Things got away from us but it was still on our list of 'to do posts' when a few weeks ago we got an email from a local Kensington to include the link to her site for the blog roll. We couldn't believe it but it was the author of Petropolis, Anya Ulinich! We wrote back almost immediately going on and on about how we liked the book and included the plan to post it on the blog. Anya replied and included a note on how she bought the vodka for her book party at STD on Church Ave! Now that's a true local!

In case all this doesn't give you enough incentive to read "Petropolis" Anya was just honored by the National Book Awards in 2007 as 5 Under 35. The 5 Under 35 highlights the work of the next generation of fiction writers by asking five previous National Book Awards fiction Winners and Finalists to select one fiction writer under the age of 35 whose work they find particularly promising and exciting. So there you have it our very own Jonathan Safran Foer or Paul Auster right here in Kensington... wonder if NY Mag will post Anya's home address on its website like they did to Foer a few weeks ago!? We sure hope not!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Council Members Support F Express

It's time to have an F train express (NY Daily News)

The capacity for express service exists - there are two unused express tracks from Bergen St. to Church Ave. and one unused express track from Church Ave. to Kings Highway - but the MTA cut express service decades ago.
Today the tracks sit largely unused, a multibillion-dollar public asset left to rot at a time when we are preaching long-term planning and the need to convince more New Yorkers to step out of their cars and onto a train or bus.
A fare hike without tangible service improvements would severely undermine that message.
Elliot Sander, executive director and chief executive officer of the MTA, has boldly supported Mayor Bloomberg on congestion pricing, but remains noncommittal in terms of bringing back the F express, a service vital to some of the same outer-borough residents who would be subjected to congestion pricing fees.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Furniture for Church Ave

The old Podiatrist office on Church Ave b/w E4th and E5th has a sign announcing a new furniture store. As far as we can tell the stock seems to be lots of Formica topped laminated pieces. Guess that sort of business can afford the $3500 a month rent.

It's Official! Walgreens is here to stay

It's official! Walgreens got the sign up last week. We know some residents are finding a difference in the prices and selection but when we visited last week it was brighter and cleaner and the overall appearance more welcoming. Because, with the exception of the boxes, new ownership is also keeping its sidewalk liter free we have decided to be happy about the change. We also like the fact that we got a $5 off any $20 purchase coupon in the mail. Anyone else get that and use it? We were surprised how seamless the transaction was (foreseeing a manger check etc).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Church Ave Bazaar

We had the good fortune of hanging at the w the KWT CSA folks on Sunday and got to meet a few new neighbors. The fair seemed to have all the typical stuff which sells here and is fine by us but we would have enjoyed some new additions. At the KWT booth we gave out a couple pears and apples as well as some literature on the library events. There is a lot in the works in our little enclave although the businesses aren't seeming to follow... sign. Regardless, the fair seemed well attended.

Fall Festival - A HUGE Success

What an amazing turn out for the Fall Festival at Greenwood Playground. A huge thank you to the sponsors - Lonelyville, Foodtown and... (who are we forgetting) as well as all the performers and contributors. Lastly, we can not forget the hardworking Friends of Greenwood Playground group who made this and all the programming through out the year possible.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kensington Weekend Events!

The GreenwoodPlayground's Fall Festival
Saturday from 10:00-2:00.
Scheduled events include:
10:00-11:00 The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater Puppet making workshop (preschool and up)
10:00-11:00 Sing a Long in the little kid playground with Jennifer Sirey, (Gina's Sing-a-long singing partner). Two half hour performances
11:30-1:00--Audrey Lucas from the Prospect Park Zoo will either be doing animal face painting or the animal wheel of fortune or both!!
11:00-12:00: Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater Puppet performance(all ages)
12:15-? Dan Schorr and band. Great music provided by local teacher and recording artist Dan Schorr and his band. All ages and a lot of fun.

Church Avenue Bazaar!
Sunday 9-5 along Church Ave b/w Ocean Pkwy and McDonald Ave.
We know there will the following will be representing KWT CSA, local Albemarle Neighborhood Assoc., Shenanigan's Karoake host, Kensington Stables w pony rides for the kids and.... who will be there?

Stoop sale with all proceeds benefiting the East 4th Street Community Garden.
Sunday, October 7 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
310 East 4th Street (between Albermarle & Church)
Clothes, books, toys, household items, appliances, collectibles, and much more!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Petition for Trees Sent to Astoria Fed.

A week or so ago we posted one locals quest to get more trees on McDonald and Church Ave. Specifically they addressed the dust bowl corner that is home to our local Astoria Federal. We got word she forwarded the letter below to AF a few days ago. Hip Hip Hooray! And many kudos to this dedicated local for taking the initiative. We can't wait to see what the reply is!

Below is the letter sent to AF branch manager and... in case you didn't sign it here's the petition (

Ms. Martine Kimmey
Branch Manager
Astoria Federal Savings Bank
101 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Dear Ms. Kimmey,
We spoke about a week ago regarding the lack of green and trees on the McDonald and Church Avenue corners that Astoria Federal Savings Bank currently occupies. In that time, I briefly posted an on-line petition requesting Astoria Federal Savings Bank to please lead the way in the beautification of Church Avenue by putting trees on your property. In the 5 days I had the petition up, I received 96 signatures hoping that Astoria Federal would be a good neighbor and take this initiative. I also spoke to the forestry department who will be sending out an inspector to see if it would be problematic to plant due to the bus stop and the subway grates. I was then informed by the forestry department that if there IS a problem, then Astoria Federal Savings could put out, at their own expense, above ground planters in which you could plant small trees and greenery, flowers etc.

The community would greatly appreciate you taking our request seriously and leading the way to a healthier and greener Church and McDonald Avenues. The environmental issues such as global warming and increased asthma rates in children are becoming important issues to many new and old residents. I am enclosing for the consideration of your marketing department, the petition as well as the tree planting permit application. Of course, you can also download the request for the city to plant trees free of charge on your property. (The city is backlogged and there may not be a visible difference to that corner for several years so we hope you will consider planting trees or if not possible, please put out large planters).

Melissa and Doug Toys at Pkwy

We are well aware that Kensington is missing the boat on some things (cough cough - coffee shop) but right here on little ole Church Ave you can find some interesting buys. Recently scouting out the local Parkway Pharmacy on Church Ave and McDonald we noticed good old fashioned wooden toys by Melissa and Doug! Even better they are a fraction of the cost found in hipper 'hoods and stores. Sometimes all it takes is a little searching. Now if we just can get a place for all the yuppies and hipsters to congregate on Church Ave....

Help Support Greenwood Playground

Help the Friends of Greenwood Playground 'group' continue to bring great programming to Greenwood Playground with a donation!

This year donations to the Friends of Greenwood Playground made possible:
· The ride-on toys
· Arts and Crafts activities
· Zoo programming
· Sing-a-longs for kids
· The Fall Festival (this Saturday Oct. 6th!)
And much MUCH more..
To donate: CLICK HERE, or you may also give your donation to any member of the Friends of Greenwood Playground this Saturday. The group is also on the look out for more volunteers, interested? Contact Amelia - twins11218 AT yahoo DOT com

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

When the Victorians Fell

I remember waking up in the middle of the night in my bunk bed. My heart was racing, my hands were sweaty. I ran from the tiny bedroom that I shared with my brother and down the hall to my mother and father’s room. I was crying. “Get them away from the house, get them away”. “Get who away” said my mom. “The Bulldozers, the Bulldozers”

I must have been no more than five years old when I saw them on East 4th and Beverly road. I remember standing about where the underground garage entrance is for 303 Beverly. At the time a row of wood frame houses stretched all the way from Church avenue to Beverly Road, Along with even bigger houses on the North side of Beverly Road. They pretty much mirrored the ones that are still there now on the South side of Beverly between E4th and E5th. But sometimes in the mind of a 5 year old, things just don't make sense. These beautiful Victorians would soon fall to the ground. Just an X on a developers building plan, and a new nightmare for a child.

The massive yellow monsters were billowing black smoke from their pipes. They had large high silver steel blades that pushed everything in their path away. I remember holding my moms hand watching as it started crushing the side of the house. The wall of the house started to buckle as a stained glass window slowly began folding outward, suddenly shattering into tiny pieces. Like confetti the colors fell to the ground. The sound of cracking wood and glass breaking filled the air. The house groaned an awful sound, its heavy wood beams struggling not to crack against the power of the bulldozer, and then without warning, the front porch collapsed. The pillars that held the porch up slid sideways and hit the ground,dancing for a moment until they were still. The house was just like the one I lived in . A massive three story wood frame with two large porches. I wondered if there were people living in it. Little children holding onto their moms, crying as the wood floors below their feet cracked and snapped. Windows that they must have looked out of suddenly shattering, walls falling. Holding on for dear life as the house twisted and contorted itself. Trying to stand as the monsters growl began to get louder and louder, both white and black smoke shooting through its nostrils. I cheered for the house to defeat the monster, hold on, please just hold on. But then my mom tugged on my arm and we started walking away, down east 4th street towards our house. I looked back towards Beverly Road, there was suddenly a loud crash followed by a cloud of dust that engulfed the entire corner, then only silence.

The next day on the way to the A&P (where Rite Aid is) we walked by the construction site. The house was gone, just a pile of broken wood, pipes, glass and dirt. The yellow bulldozer was working away, crushing the remains of the once beautiful house with it’s massive steel treads. There were other houses next to it which were still standing, soon to fall victim to the roaring machines. The day of conception was coming soon for the building now known as 415 Beverly.

Sometimes as parent you try to shield you children from things that you believe may give them nightmares, I don’t blame my mom for letting me watch the bulldozers tear down those houses. I don’t think she really knew that I would ever have such nightmares about it. Not knowing if they were going to start tearing down our house next, moving down East 4th like house eating monsters, flattening everything in their path. No, I can’t blame her. But one day a few weeks ago we were driving through Brooklyn, they were tearing down an old house on a block I cannot remember. My son asked “Dad, can we stop and watch?” I thought about it for a moment and then said, "No, how about we just go to Greenwood Park instead".

By Ron Lopez

Reflections on Kensington Post Office... Improvements?!

The following is from a post on KWT:
Do people agree that these efforts have been pretty much unavailing, or that, at best, the improvements were modest and temporary?

Today, 2 of the 3 windows were not taking debit cards. After I'd been on line for 25 minutes, the one window that was accepting them closed. The manager assured me that another window would open in a few minutes that would accept them. After waiting 25 more minutes on line (my times are completely accurate), the debit card window had not re-opened, and I was told that while the available clerk would weigh and price my packages, he would not let me return to the front of the line to pay for my mailing in cash. Fortunately a man (a stranger) lent me $20 -- if he hadn't, would I have gone 'postal'!

We recently noticed our regular mail carrier was on vacation and received a lot of mail in error. As did our neighbors! We got mail for the building next door and across the street 3 times!

How can the community address this problem? Our local officials seem to have no pull w this federal branch.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cool Ride

Brooklyn Paper Editorial Response

Check out a couple responses to the Brooklyn Papers recent editorial on the F-express. Unrelated a local within the same editorial section a local comments about the Kensington Post Office remaining "a nightmare".
Reader’s rip The Paper’s F express editorial, calling fix cheap & easy