Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Greenwood Playground - Donated Toys

If you don't have kids you may not know that the Friends of Greenwood Playground does a lot of events and fundraising to provide programming and supplies for the Playground. One of the big accomplishments was getting ride on toys and tricycles for community use to be kept at the Playground. We've heard some snippets here and there about people leaving the playground w the toys or older kids breaking them and most recently about parents letting kids know their turn is up! This gentle reminder of playground etiquette was posted on KWT...

As the season comes to an end we'd like to thank everyone who donated toys, materials, money and time to the Greenwood Playground this summer.
Unfortunately the spirit in which the toys were donated is not always the spirit by which they are used. It has come to our attention that older kids are riding and sometimes breaking these toys. Additionally some parents have been bullying kids, caregivers, and other parents when they feel it is their kid's turn. Just as we share the swings, we share the toys.
While a child may appear to be taking a long turn with the toy, please remember that these are kids. Do not yell at or touch another child. Do not be rude or talk down to a caregiver or parent. Use the moment as a teachable moment. Teach your child to be patient.
We are always open to additional donations. Please contact us on this listserv if you have a ride-on toy or other playground appropriate toy you'd like to donate.

We are sure this was just one or two rotten apples and applaud the Friends of Greenwood group for their hard work and contribution to the community!