Saturday, April 2, 2016

Brooklyn and Queens: Defining the Border

If you've always been confused as to the precise location of the dividing line between the two boroughs lies (Brooklyn and Queens), then you’re not alone. Many people have posed the same question.  Indeed, Brownstoner Queens did recently in Queens.Brownstoner.  He asked, “what actually divides Queens and Brooklyn?” It’s not like there’s a huge wall or border patrol that marks a line between the two boroughs.”  In fact, Brownstoner points out:   “The Queens-Brooklyn border issue has been confounding the two boroughs, especially residents of Ridgewood and Bushwick, for hundreds of years.”

One way of possibly doing it is looking at different institutions and seeing what their address is.  For example, we know that Dry Harbor Nursing Home in Middle Village is definitely in Queens, while Park Slope CrossFit is in Gowanus and thus in the Brooklyn borough.

But other than going through each actual physical location, is there another way of figuring this apparently age-old question out?

Well, an official line was more-or-less documented back in 2005.  A claim was made by Brownstoner back then which attested to this fact:  “the border runs down Eldert Lane in Jamaica; the west side is Brooklyn and east is Queens.”  A Quora response posited that “the line starts at the East River, continues down Newtown Creek, Cypress Ave, Wyckoff Ave, through Highland Park, and into Jamaica Bay.

Google Maps was then approached and the boundary was confirmed.  So that’s probably it then.  Borough distinction made.