Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After Long Delay Train Finally Arrives at Kensington Station

Commuters to Manhattan can sigh with relief as service from the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Kensington and Windsor Terrace is finally returned after a four month hiatus.

Somehow commuters have been making-do without F trains to Manhattan and G trains to Queens; but all that will soon end when the trains roll in once again at 15th Street-Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton Parkway.
Donna Rubens has been walking about a mile to get the train she needs from another station:
"It's exhausting," said Donna Rubens, a Brooklyn resident who walks with a cane and boards the F train on her way to Wall Street for life-long learning classes. "I'm already 80, but I feel like I'm 180."

Other commuters have been driving to more distant stations or taking busses. The MTA explained that service was disrupted since January due to ‘track configuration.’

"I was astonished, frankly, when I saw the sign that said on May 23rd full service was going to resume,” said Philip Traugott, 54, a recording producer who takes the F to Midtown. "I was very happy, and I was amazed that that actually got done on time as promised."