Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Local Festivals


Given the last 18 months have been very lacking in any kind of celebratory events, it’s perhaps even more exciting to see that festivals are returning.  Here, we take a look at what is going on locally.

The Brooklyn BagelFest – perhaps the only one of its kind (I mean, who else has ever heard of a bagel festival?) – begins next Saturday at City Point, BKLYN Studios. Planned for the daylong event – that takes place from 9:30am-3:30pm – is bagel-themed games, a musical performance (bagel-themed of course!) as well as a Who’s Who? Of bagel stores, beer and coffee.

Then there is the  BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Festival, a free event for New Yorkers to celebrate Brooklyn and New York. Every night the festival celebrates a different genre or culture.  The festival – which has been going on for over four decades – is a way for all New Yorkers to appreciate music icons from around the world, with a specific emphasis on jazz artists, indie bands, dance troupes, and more.  In addition, a virtual reality performance is staged. And, because of COVID concerns, a virtual multi-platform destination so that the spirit of the festival can be brought to people’s homes. The festival started in 1979 as a way of bringing Brooklyn together.  What better time to do this than now, after more than a year of people being stuck in and not celebrating much at all.  While indeed it is virtual, it is still a way to connect people. Around 25,000 people come from around the New York area.

Get out there.  Or stay home online.  But either way, meet people, connect, and try to have fun even in these crazy times!