Monday, October 29, 2007

Commercial Properties For Rent

We've joined forces w a bunch of local neighbors to address our need for more diverse businesses on our two commercial strips. We will be doing more of a detailed post on this later but at the moment are trying to gather some viable established business contacts to reach out to that neighbors think would flourish here. What do you think we need and would profit here... a daycare, a coffee shop, kids play space, restaurant etc.? Do you know anyone that has a business like this and would want to expand to Kensington? If so we'd like to contact them and let them know about our available commercial spaces. We've got a lot of open spaces and already know of 5 spots that are for rent:
1. New locations on Fort Hamilton (3 spaces - not yet completed)
2. Old beauty salon across from PS 230 ($2000/ month 1000 sq feet. Owner's contact - 718 633 0898)
3. Jimmy's Deli (Fort Hamilton and E4th St)
4. Old Savoy (currently student housing on McDonald) has a lot of square footage in basement to rent as well as a theatre room.
5. Another spot off Fort Hamilton - we got an email but haven't gotten to check it out
6. Old optical store on Church Ave.

Give us a shout at gmail or post in the comments!