Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Council Members Support F Express

It's time to have an F train express (NY Daily News)

The capacity for express service exists - there are two unused express tracks from Bergen St. to Church Ave. and one unused express track from Church Ave. to Kings Highway - but the MTA cut express service decades ago.
Today the tracks sit largely unused, a multibillion-dollar public asset left to rot at a time when we are preaching long-term planning and the need to convince more New Yorkers to step out of their cars and onto a train or bus.
A fare hike without tangible service improvements would severely undermine that message.
Elliot Sander, executive director and chief executive officer of the MTA, has boldly supported Mayor Bloomberg on congestion pricing, but remains noncommittal in terms of bringing back the F express, a service vital to some of the same outer-borough residents who would be subjected to congestion pricing fees.