Monday, October 15, 2007

Forgotten NY Profiles Kensington

Forgotten NY profiles Kesington and kindly refers to our stretch of the woods as Brooklyn's Heartland.

Your webmaster must also admit that, prior to the 1980s or so, I never knew the area had a distinct name. I had always thought of it as an eastern extension of Borough Park or a northwestern arm of Flatbush. After a close look, though, Kensington has comparatively little in common with its neighbor to the west in demographics or in street layout; Borough Park, especially the area that borders Kensington, is mostly Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish, while Kensington, which certainly has a Jewish flavor, is incredibly polyglot with over fifty different foreign languages spoken. Perhaps it's that very diversity that prevented me from getting a fix on it.

Forgotten NY - Kensington