Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kensington T-Shirt Redux

So we did this t-shirt post in July and got some major interest. There has actually been a call to get some Kensington t-shirts made and sell them locally. Here where the top five from when we ran the post.
FRONT: Kensington (Brooklyn)
BACK: 1. The parents here are only just beginning to get annoying.
2. Peace in the Middle East ='s 11218
3. Where S.T.D. means booze
4. Just blocks from the Ocean... Parkway
Or all on the front
5. Kensington (Brooklyn), where there's a Mosque on Church (Avenue)
Let us know which one you like or if there are additions. Keep in mind we'd like this to be kid friendly (does that rule out #3?). Most importantly, if anyone out there is into design and wants to donate their talents please send us a graphic of how you'd put it together (we'd like to incorporate a photo or illustration if that'd work).