Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Let USPS know about 11218 PO!

Since post office service seems to be less then stellar these days we got a good tip off the KWT yahoo group to email a complaint through the US Postal Service website. Here's the important info. from the post:
I went ahead and went right over the local Postmaster's head and sent an e-mail via the USPS website asking someone to send me the Postmaster Generals number, and someone named "PamB." wrote back and basically said No. Apparently, Mr. John E. Potter has no phone or e-mail (shall we write him a letter? Alas, it wouldn't get there, since we have to mail it from our awful Post Office). So I wrote back to Pam, and I said:

"I live in Kensington, zip code 11218. Our local post office is perhaps the worst in New York City. It is so poorly managed, and the employees so apathetic and rude, that I have frequently felt unsafe there for fear that frustrated customers would erupt in violence (in fact, there is a rather infamous video on YouTube of a customer at the Kensington Post Office completely losing control in a rage). The average wait time for any transaction is 40 minutes. Packages are not delivered, mail is frequently lost, generally one window is open for service while many workers mill about, chatting with each other. It is a horrible place, and a disgrace to the USPS. The Kensington blog and Yahoo group are frequently a buzz with complaints. What can be done to improve conditions at this Post Office?"

We followed suit and sent the above through the USPS website (https://hdusps.esecurecare.net/cgi-bin/hdusps.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php?p_sid=Hf-sWtPi&xssl=1). Be sure to click 'Services' then sub category 'Lobby Services'. Maybe enough of us complaining on the site can do something!