Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bring the V to Brooklyn!

Ever been waiting for an F train at midtown only to be passed by an empty V which is then followed by a busting F and wonder why there is a V train? Yeah, us too. Well, the Daily News profiled the V on Monday (How do straphangers spell relief? With a V ) only making us all the more aware of how unused the train is.
Critics predicted no one would ride the local V when it was created in December 2001 to relieve overcrowding on the express E and F trains along Queens Blvd. Transit officials tried hard to popularize the route; it didn’t work. “I think it’s worthless,” commuter Victoria Carlucci said. “The stops are not helpful stops.”

2nd Ave Sagas fought back with a great bit on why the V should be extended to Brooklyn right in line with the recent F train petition (Brooklyn service would give meaning to neglected V train).
And that is where our F train petition comes into play. With the F train petition, the F would run express during the times the V runs from Jay St./Borough Hall out to Church Ave. (or possibly Kings Highway). The V would no longer be a lonely train; instead, it would ferry thousands of commuters through Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Kensington and Borough Park. While those riding in Queens would probably still enjoy their empty and spacious train cars, people riding in Brooklyn would finally have more room than they do on the F with its cattle-car-like conditions.

We think it would elevate a lot of the rush-hour congestion to get the V out here as a local and the F to run express, what are your thoughts?