Monday, July 2, 2007

The Kid and The Public Poo

So we understand when kids have to go they have to go but this one was a little too much...

Saturday night enjoying our picnic and waiting for friends and the next band at the Celebrate Brooklyn series we spied a little one under a nearby tree. And by nearby let me set this up for you... We were behind the fence (so not in the venue) kind of behind the beer stand on the right of the stage. Many people with kids or dogs or bottles of wine sit outside the fence and we often do and bring a large picnic and the dog. To the left of us is a large tree that you can't sit under as the branches are too low. Regardless, many people with their picnics are always gathered around it.

Back to the kid who is under that tree... We see him bent and not holding anything so we're thinking is this kid doing a number one, oh no no no its a number two! Yes, folks a number two bent over in clear view of at least 25-30 people while Dad watched. About half way through the poo Dad scampers off to their picnic site kid finishes up, pulls up his drawers and waits. Dad returns tells kid to pull 'em down and wipe then proceeds to curb his kid. Yeah, that's right picked it up and deposited it in the trash can next to us.

So while we certainly understand a kid has to go when a kid has to go this was not in the middle of the woods this was maybe 50 feet from a port-o-john and the bathrooms at the band shell. The kid was also pretty old (at least 2nd grade) so certainly could of held it a few extra minutes and did we mention the crowd of people! So although we've heard the public pee debate over in the Slope and realize with kids sometimes things happen does anyone else feel this a little tiny bit weird? Opinions, feelings, similar stories? Please share.