Monday, July 9, 2007

Commercial Real Estate - An update on the lack of new biz...

We've been noticing lots of the available commercial spaces on Church Ave are still available. Ones that come to mind - old optical store (next to the diner), 211 Church Ave (small space only 500 feet sq), the place that was a hardware store for like a minute, the old podiatrist office, two little spaces right off Church Ave (on East 2nd). A few of these places where for rent back in April when we did our first post on commercial properties. Interesting b/c one of our follow up posts wondered if places staying vacant awhile would bring rents down. Of course, finally we realized we were sorta in-line with Cortelyou after that Vox Pop blast email popped into the inbox advertising thier vacant space.

Ok, well we're ready for some new stuff! Bring on the business and by business we mean the kind of business that is not a 99 cent store, a nail salon or anything that sort of resembles the stuff we have on Church Ave now. We'd like a new/ used book store, yoga studio, a coffee shop, a sandwich store, a health food store with some take out items, a good bakery, a wine store that sells something other then Yellow Tail, a roti place, or any restaurant variation that is not Thai, Mexican, Chinese or Bengali.