Tuesday, July 31, 2007

E5th Car Break-in? Curious Plates!

Our friends at the building across the street from the 'abandoned' /'vandalized' VW Jetta on E5th rang to inform us that mysteriously a North Carolina plate was placed on the car. Weird since there were no plates on the car yesterday! If you look at the picture in the previous post there are no plates and we specifically watched as the officers wrote down the vin#. We called the 66 again today and got a less helpful officer (we had to explain the situation twice) on the phone who told us she'd send out a car (we even gave her our name and number) yet no car. We're starting to wonder if thieves are dumping here for a nearby chop shop to pick up when they're ready. We've had problems with the two car shops way down on Church Ave before so it certainly wouldn't surprise us if this was related... opinions?