Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Favorite thing for Fitness

We'll probably take a lot of abuse on this because its not in Kensington proper but its a recent discovery and we wanted to share. Anyway, as many of you know we recently joined the Kensington Aerobics and Fitness. We can't say enough good things about KAF. We know there are people out there w complaints but for $40 a month you really can't beat it. Regardless, we wanted a little change on top of the gym and the park. Someone recently told us about night owl swim at the Red Hook pool but in all honesty, the Red Hook pool is a hike unless its Saturday or Sunday and we know there is a cheese papusa for an after bathing snack. We knew the Sunset Park pool was closer so went to and discovered, depending on where you are located in Kensington, it's less then 2 miles away.

Last night we hopped on the bike taking 12th Ave to 43rd Street and pedaled up to 7th Ave. All and all the ride took approx. 15 minutes. We walked into the park, filled out our night owl swimming card, locked up the helmet, hit the shower, did some laps, repeated the process and were home within the hour. It was great! We found the pool and locker rooms clean and the staff friendly. The night owl swim was pretty packed, there were four to a lane circling, but it seemed to work out. There it is kids! If you're looking for a little change to the fitness routine try Sunset pool!