Monday, July 16, 2007

Rumour of the Day

We got a tip that Naidre's has 3 locations in mind for their next store and that Kensington is one of the finalists! We would be thrilled with a Nairdre's in the 'hood. In fact its our little opinion that a dessert/ sandwich/ coffee/ smoothie place is exactly what we need. (It'd also be nice to get beer taps like they have at the Carroll Gardens location).

We're gonna try and not get our hopes since this isn't the first time we've heard people scouting out the 'hood! We will however, go on record and bet that the first coffee 'like' house to set up shop here will certainly have a following. Recently, we were talking to some real Park Slope old-timers who remember when CT. Muffin started serving on 7th Ave. It was the first coffee spot for 7th Ave (and only a walk in place at that!) and they remembered the line in the morning would stretch around the block. Back in the day no one really thought home grown businesses could be sustained on 7th (or 5th) and now look! Considering the unaffordable real estate in other sections of Brooklyn and the fact that we're one of the last safe places of the affordable sections we sure hope business owners will start to take notice of the little business sections on Church and Fort Hamilton!