Tuesday, July 3, 2007

G train at Church Ave. What gives?!

On Saturday we were heading to Hoyt and Atlantic. As we're waiting at Church Ave for our local F to take us to Bergen we notice a G train on the local track to Coney Island. A few minutes later (the local G is still there) another G pulls in on the Queens bound express track. (You can kind of see the two Gs in the picture above). Both Gs are there for a few minutes until the Coney Island bound G train pulls out. A few minutes later the Queens bound G pulls out. (which annoyed us to no end b/c we could of taken the damn thing to Hoyt/Schermerhorn and saved ourselves a long hot walk down Atlantic). A few more minutes and the local F to Manhattan finally shows. So here's the question... if the Gs are there, why oh why can't we use them? This is not the first time we've asked ourselves this question (it was asked a lot during renovations when we needed to take a quick trip to Lowes). It could save lots and lots of people time so why not just open the doors? It seems like a pretty simple solution to us. Open the doors!

We got a note that 2nd Ave Sagas did a little something on this yesterday and had the same take(Watching the empty G train rumble by). Coincidentally this G train thing has been something the MTA has talked about, or around, for quite some time (’07 budget expands Brooklyn service)

One final side note. We've asked the G question to MTA representatives at least two times and never received a response.