Monday, July 9, 2007

NYC Transit Insider Tip #2

We got a 2nd 'insider' tip under the 1st 'insider' tip. This one focuses on bus routes. Any interest in having the 'insider' here your voice about routes/ transport needs? Comment! (We have no idea if this 'insider' is for real!)

City-wide bus changes also in works for 2008/09.
B23 might be shortened or eliminated due to years of low passenger counts. One plan is to extend B67 down 16th Avenue to 65 St. The B23 portion from McDonald to Flatbush Avenue has poor ridership. The portion through Boro Park is more heavily used.

Other plan to extend B67 to 18 Ave/49 St via Dahill Rd for connect w/B11. The B23 would then only run from McDonald to 16th/65th.

New routes? - B21-Avenue P, B32-Ft Ham Pkwy, B33-13th Ave, B34-Bedford Ave. All in study phase.