Sunday, July 29, 2007

G train... When when when?!

So now that the announcement has been made we're just sort of wondering when? We'd love to see the darn thing introduced sooner rather then later since it stops here anyway! Also interested in what the stops will be? Will the train begin at Church Ave and run 'express' to Smith/ 9th then Carroll, Bergen, Hoyt/Schermerhorn? This could be a real positive for those folks in need of a transfer to the A/C since they can take the F or G depending on what hits Church Ave first. This is also sort of a bonus for those of us who have friends in North Brooklyn (Williamsburg/ Greenpoint) or would like to do stuff off the line like Clinton Hill which we rarely ever visit b/c of its inconvenient location. We plan on seeing this G thing as a positive but obviously are a little skeptical.