Monday, July 2, 2007

KPO - NY Times

Talk Therapy for Postal Rage (NY Times - 7/1/07)
In Brooklyn, the United States Postal Service is hoping to improve service with a new advisory council made up of representatives from community boards.

The article provides a good segue since we'd actually planned on a doing a little something on the Post Office this week. Here are our current thoughts and some good news..

1. We went twice last week - twice! And neither time had the patience or stamina to wait out the long snaking line that was to the door. We were fair too so no snarky comments... We went once on Thurs. afternoon then pretty early on Friday morning. After that we gave up and headed to downtown Brooklyn where the train ride and wait in line and then following trip back home probably took us a lot less time (and aggravation) then the wait at KPO. Both times we went there was only one person at their station and another mysteriously gone while a customer waited at the window. We also needed a green return receipt slip and nothing was out at the tables so we weren't about to wait in line to then fill out our paperwork - just completely not efficient. Here's where we urge you to sign the petition posted by de Blasio's rep to get more funding for the post office. You can find it here. (Post offices are federally funded so we need to show a demand, sign it!)

2. The good news! From de Blasio via Yvette Clarke. We heard this was requested over a year ago and both offices supported this in big ways. Thanks!

The USPS Kensington, 11218, is going to receive an Automated Postal Center aka APC Machine. I don't know if you are familiar with this machine but it does it all. You can mail Express, Priority, Certified, Delivery Confirmation, First Class packages and purchase a book of 18 $.41 stamps. It works like an ATM Machine and its Debit or Credit Card only. It's a wonderful machine and the customers love them. We have fourteen machines throughout Brooklyn and I believe they are the future.

We think this machine will allow for some improvements but really feel we need more clerks for this location. A lot of the drag comes from people continually applying for pass ports and sending packages abroad. Our population demands a different sort of service level that is obviously not being addressed with a fancy stamp machine. Don't get me wrong it fills our needs but ya know we're here for the people!