Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vote for the best Kensington T-shirt Logo

We omitted a few contributions but here are some of the ones we liked. Vote on which one you like the best. (Thanks Ron!)

Kensington (Brooklyn)
1. Home of a thousand Nail Salons.
2. Where criminals are bored.
3. The parents here are only just beginning to get annoying.
4. Manhattan Studio = Kensington House
5. What happens in Golden Farm stays in Golden Farm
6. Peace in the Middle East ='s 11218
7. When did London steal our name?
8. Where Christians, Jews and Muslims live together without rocket propelled grenade launchers.
9. Where S.T.D.s means booze
10. Just blocks from the Ocean... Parkway
And finally, 11. Kensington (Brooklyn), where there's a Mosque on Church (Avenue)