Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SilverRod's Transition to Walgreens

We stopped by the new Walgreens today to get a sense of the transition. Its clear they are moving the aisles, re-stocking the shelves and generally cleaning up the place. For what its worth the new addition of two shiny garbage cans at the entrance thrilled us. We all know how garbage collections on Church Ave so are sure glad they're stepping up to the plate to help keep the neighborhood clean. (For some reason, Astoria Federal has decided to forgo a can at their expense though many residents have addressed them about the need).

We'll soon see how well the new pharmacy fits in but we're hoping it takes some of the rest of the Church Ave businesses to task. Keeping a can, hosing their sidewalks and starting to remove graffiti that litters the side of the building sure seem like good signs to us though we do hope the mass of discarded cardboard boxes (seen on the left of the above pic) are recycled.