Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Foodtown Warning - Expired Food!

We generally don't shop at Foodtown but heard from a few sources that they've bought items there only to return home and realize the product was expired. In the interest of honesty we don't shop at F-town but tend to stick with Golden Farm and hike to specialty shops for things they don't carry. Regardless, we do pop in on occasion for a can of olives or loaf of bread and once for baking supplies. Even though we don't really go there we like having a larger supermarket nearby until we heard this! A local Mom in a pinch stopped in to buy baby oatmeal cereal. Knowing of F-town's reputation checked the date and it was expired! Now we get selling expired things to adults but babies! Has anyone else had this experience? Even if they just announced a new Brooklyn location (Court and Atlantic) let's all try to request a TJs for Kensington (again!). In every other Long Island suburb there is a TJs location, why should Brooklyn only get one?