Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sorry about today's absence of posts. Last night we were on the phone for an hour taking up some one's very precision time about our wireless issues and all finally connected. This morning get up to do our thing and it's gone again. Not only is the wireless gone but the hard connection. An hour on the phone w cable provider then an hour on the phone w computer support and nothing! Then randomly connected after a re-start an hour or so later. (Mother truckin' technology!) We're gonna get on the stick and type up some posts now. Many many thanks to the kind Kensington soul who helped us through our connection last night. We owe you drinks! (We don't know if you want to be named since you're a regular poster and other people might try and take advantage of your skills but we know who you are and thank you very very much. Just goes to show how neighborly we are in the K-town.)