Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kensington Artist Social - Success!

First off many thanks and congratulations to Scott at donje' photography for coordinating a stellar event! Thai Tonys was standing room only, quite a crowd. We had grabbed some of the cards lined up of artists attending then conveniently misplaced them in the back and forth of meeting so many people. We met a few local cartoonists and painters and musicians as well as a couple people who just came out to hang. If you were one of the artists (and we hope Scott will forward the list so we can post links here) please post your name and website in the comments section! Also many thanks to Angie and her staff at Tonys for the great spread. There was plenty of food and appetizers kept making their way around to us so there was no skimping on the spread. The photo above doesn't give a good sense of the crowd since there were so many people we couldn't position ourselves to get a good angle. Regardless, we continue to have a lot of faith in the community here and were thrilled that people made the effort to attend.

Look for an upcoming post on the August Kensington Social (Artist and us hangers on welcome) which we hear will be at Lonelyville.