Monday, July 30, 2007

Another car break-in?

Sunday afternoon we were walking the dog and noticed a VW on E5th St that had its driver side window broken in. We figured someone got hit but when we went to investigate noticed the car had no plates. We yelled up to a friend who lives in the building next door and called 311. Just gotta say sometimes 311 sucks. Because the plates were missing the operator told us this was a sanitation issue. But what about the broken window! It was obvious this was something beyond just a sanitation issue. Minutes after we made the report we logged in a call to the 66. Officer Hernadez took the call and not 10 minutes later the car pictured above responded. The officers took the vin # and left. Car is still there probably waiting on sanitation but we're impressed with the quick response from the 66.

On a sidenote when we first moved into the nabe a few years back heard that Kensington was often the dumping ground for stolen cars. We guess the low crime rate discourages the 66 from patrolling side streets with any regularity. Wondering though if it means the thieves live close by?

We'll post an update when the car is towed.