Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Siren - Some Thoughts

We took our annual bike ride down Ocean Pkwy to the Siren Festival on Saturday. We started going to the Siren six years ago and have decided its become something we don't enjoy as much as in the past. Sure, we were younger when we started going but this year felt surrounded by high school kids from Long Island. There was one group who sat near where we rested our feet in between sets and sipped off a flask and chain smoked. That being said on the Stillwell stage noticed the surrounding noise level was much quieter. Usually the water bumper cars are rolling by but due to the impending Thor construction those cars were no longer breaking our concentration since there was only blue fences in there place. We're not sure what'll happen to the Siren next year so even if the kids got on our nerves a bit were glad we made the bike ride down. Friends even took a quick ride on the Cyclone! The Cyclone, by the way, is landmarked so there is no chance of that being replaced by blue fence.