Thursday, July 12, 2007

Newest Kensington Resident

Welcome Amelie!
6 lbs, 11 ounces
19 3/4 inches
Born: 7/12/07 5.38 pm

Today's post takes on a very personal tone. We welcome our newest neighbor Amelie.

When we moved into our building 3 short years ago we met Amelie's parents as they were in the process of renovations. We were too! So as good neighbors we helped each other through the tiling and painting and cleaning. Who would know then how much we would have in common! Our neighbors soon turned into our friends and as the renovations came to an end started a weekly tradition of pizza Fridays after the long work week. We felt lucky to have met people in the building who were at that same point - beginning their lives together as a pair, trying to create a home and begin a family. As many non-native New Yorkers do we created a little family in our friends plus had people close by to help out with the little things - walking the dog when we were running late, keeping the keys for when we were locked out, picking up an extra at the grocery etc. Although the four of us were sort of the first here, as the building sponsor sold his units, others followed and now there are many here who have become a part of our lives as well as each others. This is actually the fourth baby in the building this year and two more is on the way. Recently, we got a community grill and been able to commiserate over a hot dog and beer about life's ups and downs or morning sickness or the pitfalls of renovations! Many of us have been able to come together as friends in this little corner of Kensington and for this we feel very lucky. But today is Amelie's day - welcome Amelie, we are so happy you are here.