Monday, July 9, 2007

If you're out there, thanks for the padlock!

Be warned, the following has nothing to do with Kensington with the exception of a few random encounters.

It's hot and yesterday was hot too. We were deciding the days plan and contemplating the beach and a bike ride down Ocean Pkwy to Brighton but then thought of the new floaty pool downtown. We decided we'd be better off at the Red Hook pool considering the floaty pool only allows 175 people in per hour. On the bikes we headed up to the Hook excited for an hour or two of swimming and a little lunch at the ball fields. This being our first time at the pool this year we forgot our padlock. We tried to reason with the guard about how we only had one small bag to no avail so we headed back to the bikes discouraged. Not one second later a small voice called out "we have an extra lock". A Mom and her son gave us a small padlock for no charge just b/c they had one and heard our disappointment. So if you're reading this (and we wish we had gotten your name to send you a little note of thanks) you sure made our day!

On to the chance encounters. At the ball fields in line for our yummy papusas we saw not one but two nearby Kensington neighbors. The first a small family we've only come to know in passing b/c of the dog and another listed on the roll of neighbors who we met once at an ANA meeting. We also ran into two family's we know from our real job. Small borough or did we all just have the same good idea for a yummy lunch?!