Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Unlicensed Vehicles - The Saga Continues

We're not quite sure how it happened but we ended up having a pretty extensive discussion with one very friendly and helpful mechanic from Church Ave. Auto Shop. We started by asking him about the unlicensed vehicles on Story St. Sure enough all the cars belong to the garage but today was a big day because a bunch of them were getting hitched to the rig you see above. From what the mechanic told us they're going upstate - the two grey Camry's, photographed on previous posts, gone. The black Galant already loaded... the three vans (white, blue and purple) you ask? Well, it seemed he wasn't too sure about those. He apologized about the inconvenience letting us know how many people complain and stop by the shop. Ironically though he offered that it doesn't matter if the vehicles are ticketed since they are unlicensed and unregistered. The garage doesn't get fined we asked? He got a little shy on this one so we didn't push it but we figure there is no effort to trace it back. I guess 311 is not a perfect system!

Since he was talking we thought we'd ask about the sidewalks being blocked with cars and he told us those were customers cars. We noted these too are unlicensed so how can they belong to people? We never really got to the bottom of that one.

Lastly, we asked about the guy in the van. Sure enough he sleeps there and has been for years. We didn't really inquire further because to be quite honest the whole conversation made our heads spin.

So what's the story here? We don't want to be too presumptuous but let us just wonder if this would be allowed to continue in more fashionable 'hoods especially after numerous complaints to elected officials.

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