Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spotted This Morning...

Two traffic surveyors on the corner of Ocean Pkwy & Church Ave. counting the vehicles coming off Church Ave (from direction of McDonald). And, one traffic surveyor on the corner of Beverly & Ocean Pkwy counting the vehicles coming off Beverly (from direction of McDonald). There were no surveyors on the opposite side of the street and we didn't get up to Caton to check that intersection. Any ideas on why DOT is surveying our local streets? Is this an regular thing (though we've never noticed counters in the last few years riding down Ocean Pkwy to work) or could it be the start of some sort of truck traffic remediation???

Still there at 4pm and we spotteed them at about 7.30am this morning. We also got a tip from a reader that surveyors were also on the corner of E5th & Caton.