Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Re-Cap: Dahill Neighborhood Assoc.

Tonight's DNA meeting was exactly why we think it's important residents attend and get involved in local neighborhood associations. On the agenda was Brennan and a few local officers from the 66 Precinct. A representative from Marty Markowtiz's office (Mr. Whitacker) was also in attendance.

The evening started with a few residents airing their discontent with recent parking violations that were going unnoticed. The 66 officers (Wright and Cohen) gave suggestions on steps to take to get these issues corrected. (One was calling the precinct directly at (718) 851-5611 rather then calling 311). A couple people also spoke about the unlicensed and unregistered vehicles on Church Ave and Story St. The officers were clear that these vehicles should have been getting towed and promised to look at that area immediately. Another women in attendance discussed her issue with local kids entering the newly renovated playground at PS 230 through her yard. The playground recently received a violation (because of a lock?) and is as of yet unopened (although complete). Kids have been hopping the fence through her yard and the officers promised some police presence at that location in the afternoons after school.

Later Brennan spoke about some of the current legislation he is working on as our representative. Much of what he spoke about was in regard to the recent NYC school funding issue as well as the legislation for changing the building code. Someone had a question about local improvements which he dodged well but noted some historic projects he's worked on with the DNA specifically. We're sure Brennan is a super busy guy, the work he's doing certainly seems to be for the greater good of many residents within NYC but it's our small opinion that our little corner of Brooklyn could use a bit more attention.

All and all we felt the night was productive and certainly the 66 officers being in attendance allowed for some positive and constructive dialogue. We hope to follow up on progress with the unlicensed vehicles and trespassers next week. We'll see how well they follow through.