Monday, May 21, 2007

Caton & Trucks, Oh Vey!

We've been hesitant to post on this because the problem seems to large to conquer. We hate those damn trucks rumbling down Caton and notice them every morning and evening. We also know the alternative is Church Ave which we really don't think is an alternative. (Why because it borders residential streets and is residential along a bulk of it). We'd really just like the big rigs to have to go around our two major drags but don't know of any plan that is working for that goal. Here's what we do know:

1. Tri-State Transportation Alternatives is currently working on a recommendation for Caton, McDonald and 20th Street. (This tidbit came from de Blasio's office).

2. No 18 wheeler should be using Caton as a route to Linden. Alternatively they should use Church Ave. (Just to reiterate, we don't think this is an alternative).

3. There is no policing or ticketing for these trucks although they are constantly using Caton Ave. (In some instances these trucks are allowing their engines to idle as they run into the bodega near Shenanigans).

4. Although we posted a bit on the Bay Ridge Tunnel it does not seem to be a viable alternate route. This tunnel is a part of the Cross Harbor Freight Movement Project. Many local Community Boards in Brooklyn and Queens have expressed concern that this will actually increase truck traffic on local streets since they'll all be streamlined into one route (map). Essentially although it would benefit Manhattan it wouldn't benefit us.

5. Even local reports on the problem and the on lack of police presence does little good. This one was written at the end of January and we have yet to see anyone ticketing the offenders. Trucks driving Caton Ave Nuts - Brooklyn Paper 1/27/07.

6. Caton is the dividing line between Windsor Terrace and Kensington but more importantly, the 66th and 72nd Precincts as well as Community Boards 6 and 12. For any real solution to occur we would imagine there would need to be some meetings of these groups. Considering this is happening in a less fashionable zone of both boards find that highly unlikely.