Monday, May 14, 2007

Ambrosia Restaurant

Ever wonder about that weird sign across from the Subway with the fake flames depicting a brick oven? Yeah, us too! Which is why we were glad to find this in the in-box today.

I took my mother-in-law there for Mothers day and was suprised at how good the food is. Like the Old Brick, this is run by Albanians and even had a special menu for members of the Albanian Soccer Team with what I assume were home country-type dishes. They have been in the area for around 4 years but renovated some months ago to very good effect. They have a liquor license and a nicely furnished lounge when you walk in, with the restaurant in the back that included an outdoor area.

My husband and I had chicken noodle soup, which was clearly freshly homemade and tasted it. I also had an excellent green salad - something that can be done so poorly - this was fresh, well presented, and dressed with a sharp, lively vinaigrette. Both my shrimp cocktail (with their own recipe cocktail sauce) and my husband's seafood pasta were extremely fresh and tasty.

The wait staff is part of the family, not professional, but charming and friendly.

Well thanks for the tip! We've never been but have always been curious so this is good to know. Anyway, we love tips so send 'em along to