Thursday, May 3, 2007

Convenience Addition Requests

We've heard some rumblings about a couple New York 'conveniences' and thought we'd put the word out for requests. Seems Zipcar doesn't have a spot in the 'hood and we're not totally on Fresh Directs grid.

Closet Zipcar location is currently 12th Street and 8th Avenue in the Slope. Luckily, Zipcar adds locations by request. Request a Kensington location for Zipcar here.

I live on Ave C and East 4th and find it so infuriating that FreshDirect delivers to Beverly and East 4th but will not drive down 1 block to deliver to me because according to the Fresh Direct driver "your block is not on our grid yet." Our coop has petitioned Fresh Direct for years and no response.

Sure enough on the location list, 11218 has an asterisk. Well that doesn't seem fair! We want our Kensington neighbor to get added to the Fresh Direct grid but can't seem to find a place to request additional delivery locations. Anyone know how to request an addition with FreshDirect? Just in case this doesn't work out for you one alternative may be the KWT CSA which starts drop off June 9th.