Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is not a *New* Concept

We saw this picture on Brownstoner today and it reminded us of the recent rumblings from some members of the community re: business diversification and improvements. Personally we don't like the word gentrify because of the implication but we are in favor of diversification.

Currently our main business has lots of the same (99 cent stores, bodegas, pharmacies, nail salons) yet lots of people who would like more. However, the more people we talk to the more we hear how important it is to maintain our roots. We think old and new business could co-exist and if the recent excitement over one little sit down Thai restaurant doesn't show you the need well I don't know what will...

Kensington is having a bit of a resurgence and not just because of all the new people moving in but because of the tenacity of the people who have lived here all along. All these neighborhood associations have been around for 20 plus years. So, whether you want a Starbucks or want it all to stay the same posting a simple comment here or on a local yahoo group is just a post... We challenge you to attend your local neighborhood association meetings and get involved in this community