Monday, May 7, 2007

Speaking of Misc., What about Wine?

What is the deal with the local wine/ liquor stores? We've got 'em (STD, which is the best name ever, and Jobby) but they seem to stock randomly. Generally we find the selection is Yellow Tail although we did get familiarized with Smoking Loon from Jobby. Anyway, we're not big drinkers but enjoy a glass with dinner and typically want it cheap (have you been to Trader Joe's Wine store?). We're certainly not wine snobs and post this probably because we lack any real working knowledge of wine besides we like it or don't... really, we like to be able to go somewhere and ask but find that hard at these two places. What has been the consensus with the wine stores? Any good brands at either location we should try... anything we should steer clear of? You think if we asked for them to start bringing in VRAC or Goats do Roam they'd do it?

Jobby on E3rd St. near Church Ave.
STD on Church Ave. near McDonald (down from Subway)