Monday, May 28, 2007

Others Blog Some Kensington

We typically link to articles that mention Kensington or when people in the area get a little press but we found a couple bloggers taking a look around the hood and thought we'd link to these today.

Here OTBKB took a look around Kensington and witnessed what we've known for a while... the apartment stock down Ocean Pkwy is pretty nice as is the mix of the people you'll find living in these buildings. MID CENTURY MODERN IN KENSINGTON (OTBKB - 3/8/07)

A more recent post, and one you can certainly use this summer, is Built Environment. BE takes a bike ride down Ocean Pkwy to Brighten Beach (then a few other places). We've written about this ride before and love it. You'll see lots of different enclaves of Brooklyn as you peddle past and can stop for a bite mid-way at DiFara's which is certainly the best pizza in Brooklyn. RIDE TO THE SEA (Built Environment - 5/25/07)