Monday, May 28, 2007

Security Alert - Local Peeping Tom

From a local neighbor:
On May 4, between 1:30 and 2 in the morning, we had a peeping Tom (wearing only a pair of bikini briefs) climb up onto the burglar bars of the bathroom window of our apartment (which is on the ground floor). He pushed the top of our window down so that he could peer in on X in the bathroom getting ready for bed. When X heard the window move she looked over to see him staring at her but he was not scared off when she initially started yelling.

Approximately two weeks later a peeping Tom was in the courtyard of the same building where our neighbor Z saw him. Z is also on the ground floor but faces the courtyard whereas we are on a side street. Z saw him directly in front of her bedroom window which was unfortunately open at the time (thankfully though she too has burglar bars). Z saw him outside her window in the courtyard completely naked with a paper bag over his head (w/ eyeholes punched out) masturbating. Z yelled through the window that she would be calling the police and he eventually went away.

Last November another incident involving a peeping Tom occurred just a few houses down from the incident detailed above and the police did not take a report! (In fact the police did not take a report on the first sighting of the peeping Tom detailed above. It was not until the second incident that the 66 started taking reports and investigating!) A little after 11 p.m. 'Tom' appeared completely naked wearing a bandana around his face (uncovering only his eyes) and pressed himself against the glass of a bay window on the front porch (lights on, curtains open) while two families looked on in total shock. Afterwards he ran down the street and disappeared almost instantly.

*While we do not know for sure that all incidents involved the same individual, we assume this may be the case.

Caucasion male
early to mid 30s
Eastern European features (high cheekbones, slightly wide-set eyes)
blond/light or brown/sandy wavy hair
light eyes
approx. 6 feet tall and 200 pounds

If you have any information on this man please get in touch with Detective Dawson at the 66th Precinct at (718) 851-5611. ***Please note that when the first incident occurred at a building on E4th St, the police refused to take a report. It was not until the second incident, also on East 4th St, that the 66 would file a report. If you become (or have been) a victim of a similar crime in our area, please insist that they file a report.***