Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Signs, Signs Everywhere NEW Signs - Not Here!

We spotted these shiny new beauties further west off 4th Ave in that NoVo Slope section. We're pretty sure most owners know the laws but we sure don't think some new ones could hurt. Which leads me to wonder why its so darn hard to get some updating around these parts? First we noticed the classy new bus stop hubs popping up further west then these signs... We've gotten a few of those coveted covered cans but god forbid the city start further west and work its way up. *Sigh* It sucks we have to pen a letter to Marty, Brennan and Bill every time we realize we're being ignored. Just once we'd like to see a little movement in these parts without publicly calling out to the officials.

Its now that we'd like to remind you ... Dahill Neighborhood Assoc. is meeting Weds. evening at PS 230 Annex at 8. Go! Ask for signs and some freakin' garbage cans... maybe even tell your neighbors to start a tree planting campaign. (We'll post some of our 'clean up after your dog' signs tomorrow so you can see the difference).