Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Top 5 - The Results

From our recent post on community concerns and needs comes our very non-scientific results. We’ve placed them in order of mentions (in parenthesis) although it was a little tough since many of you decided to discuss rather then just list… not that there is anything wrong with that but we had to do a little interpretation. For instance, when you discussed crime we put that under “Increase Police Presence and Foot Patrol”. Blurbs following each are from your comments or emails. We’ve scheduled a meeting with di Blasio’s office for Wednesday so any other additions should be added through comments. (Picture is of traffic down Church Ave on Tuesday at approximatly 6pm).

(12) Caton Avenue Truck Traffic
Recent (’03) DOT observation “"Residential Land Uses along Caton Avenue and Linden Boulevard are incompatible with heavy through truck traffic. Recommendation is to seek alternate routes for trucks in the area."

(11) Tree Planting Campaign
Kensington Gardens!!!! A tree planting campaign to encourage businesses along Church Ave. and every residential property in Kensington to plant a tree! Trees will not only beautify our neighborhood but increase our property value, not to mention help global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the air!

(10) Diversification of Local Business
Better amenities, such as dining, shopping and services. Don't get me wrong, we still need 99-cent stores and nail salons, but can't we also have some cafes, a decent place that serves eat-in brunch/lunch/dinner, and some specialty stores (books, knick-knacks, etc.)?

(10) Sanitation and General Neighborhood Cleanliness
It would be great if there were more garbage cans on the streets. There was a tire on the sidewalk in front of the school yard for MONTHS before someone finally threw it out. Private owners would get tickets if they kept their part of the sidewalk as dirty!
Specific Sanitation Concerns Include:
(3) Dog Poo
(3) Removing of Abandoned Vehicles on Story St. & Church Ave.
(2) Albemarle Playground Maintenance

(10) Prompter and More Regular Graffiti Removal
Local business owners (many of which do not live nearby I may add) should be held accountable or fined when they do not promptly remove graffiti… The computer store on Church Ave & E4th Street is an eyesore!

(9) Increase Police Presence and Foot Patrol

(7) Church Ave. Clean Up
The sidewalks in front of many local stores are filthy!

(5) Introduction of More Green Space (Make use of local abandoned lots at end of Church Ave. & E7th & Caton)

(5) Hiring Center for Day Laborers (Currently day laborers ‘wait’ at intersection of Church Ave. & McDonald)
“In Defense of Day Laborers" March 28, 2007, Wednesday. (NYT); Editorial Desk
Synopsis - Editorial on informal, often unruly job market of Latino day laborers, manifestation of shadow immigrant economy; criticizes crackdowns on gathering places, saying one can oppose illegal immigration and still approve of safe, organized hiring sites.

(4) Improvement in F train Service (Add an Express to Brooklyn)

(4) Examine Local Zoning
Re-examine the zoning in the nabe so the older homes have a prayer of being returned to their former beauty and the scale of new development is at least limited to something more contextual.

(2) Dog Run

(2) Community/ Teen Center