Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rent For Less! K-style

Could it be? Is renting in Kensington the draw for all the hipsters? (and everyone else for that matter!) Well my friends if it'll get us a couple of restaurants and a freakin' coffee shop we say bring 'em on!!! To encourage the little tattoo'd skinny jean clad kids (without rich Mommy and Daddy's to subsidize those water-less lofts in East Williamsburg) we've decided to add a regular post on local rentals from craigslist a la your old pals from Bushwick. That's right we're doing the work for you well except we haven't actually gone out and seen these to make sure they are all that and then some.

1. We know this building and are surprised that a 2 bedroom is so cheap... $1600 on E7th & Cortelyou (2 bed). It's smack in the middle of both the Q at Cortelyou and F at Ditmas although a bit of a walk to both but the bus is on the corner. (It's also listed by owner so no fee, woo-hoo!)

2. 387 E. Fourth at Beverly Road 2 bedroom for $1700. Certainly closer to the F at Church Ave. and boasts a terrace! We think this is a cute street and literally one block from the famed McDonald 24 hour market and the less then fabulous Rite Aid.

3. 151 E 4th Street (Near Ft. Hamilton) 2 bedroom for $1900. We think this is a little high but you're right by the train as well as the new thai tonys plus the library and the exxon station is super close for beer or slushies.

Plethora of other listings here.