Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Local Coffee?

We're of the opinion there is a need for a local coffee shop and the recent rumour of a Dunkin Donuts opening on Ft. Hamilton has people feeling we may turn into a suburban strip mall. (No proof on the DD rumour yet by the way) However, there are lots of people out there who like the local coffee and it's 85 cent price tag. In fact we got this tip from a neighbor today the 'pizza' place on east 2nd and Beverly makes the best skim iced lattes (the latte is probably not 85 cents). Generally we think the coffee at 'Bagel' on Church Ave. b/w E5th & E4th isn't so bad (though really we just think the guys who work there are nice). Yep we know lots of people trek across the bridge to Crossroads or Lonelyville (and that VoxPop is over in DP) but lets stay LOCAL. Where do you stop for your morning cup of joe?